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It would explain the total lack of support coming from RNC and the Bush/Cheney campaigns for us folks in Virginia, but. . . don’t buy it:

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, the hero of 9-11, is being secretly courted to become President George W. Bush’s running mate in the November election, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Sources say Republican Party officials want Giuliani, who showed so much leadership and courage during the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, to replace current VP Dick Cheney on the ticket.

They are convinced Rudy is the secret weapon that could defeat Democratic hopefuls John Kerry and John Edwards.

Okay, so why is this bunk?

(1) Conservatives would bolt the party. Cheney’s numbers are high among conservatives. After Medicare, the deficit, and Bush’s lack of strength regarding homosexual marriage and stem-cell research, conservatives will not tolerate a weaker VP candidate. Simple as that.

(2) Giuliani is pro-choice. That doesn’t exactly get me motivated to vote.

(3) Giuli-li-gooli-who? The South. There is no way the South will support a pro-choice mayor of New York combined with a President with a proclivity toward government expansion vis a vis Medicare, Homeland Security, etc.

(4) Even though we haven’t seen it in Virginia, there’s been an awful lot of Bush/Cheney gear being floated in the battleground states. Replacing the ticket means a lot of $$$ on reprinting new material. Not that there is much material being printed now, but it would still be a multi-million dollar investment.

There you have it. Bush/Cheney it is, or else you can expect much heartburn from the right.


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