10th District Reprimanded, Gillepsie Elected Chair, Etc.

The real buzz going around the Advance is the Eastern District Court decision regarding closed primaries. It has certainly eclipsed Gillespie’s election as Chairman as the talk of the Advance, at least amongst conservatives.

10th District suffered a reprimand for the manner of which their election for chair occured. The video has definitely made the rounds, and no one is happy with the manner of which the convention was conducted. It certainly has stained the reputations of those involved, and that sentiment has been made very clear.

Insofar as Chairman Gillespie’s election, there seem to be two moods. One side sees Allen’s defeat as a fluke, Gillepsie as a godsend, unity first, and onward to 2007. Another side argues that unit committees are unhappy, no one trusts Republicans anymore or knows what we believe, and glossing it over is only setting ourselves up for failure (again).

Stunningly, when you ask why Allen lost, no one says “blogs”. There is no urgent conversation as to how to tackle the blogosphere at RPV — at least not yet.

Lt. Gov. Bolling’s speech this morning was excellent, and he sounds better every time. Despite all the talk from others at the Advance for unity and glossing over the fractures, Bolling is pointing the way. His list?

1. Recommit ourselves to conservative principles of lower taxes and limited government.
2. Become the Party of issues and ideas (Contract with Virginia?).
3. Offer a positive vision for Virginia’s future.
4. Reconnect with voters in Northern Virginia.
5. Reach out to the changing face of Virginia and get folks involved.
6. Focus on what unites us, not what divides us.

What I find interesting about Bolling’s remarks this morning is (1) he’s one of the few who have hammered home the idea of returning to principles while (2) reaching out to minority voters.

And finally, our Attorney General “Landslide Bob” McDonnell gave a good speech during lunch regarding a focus on solutions and making government work. It wasn’t rabble-rousing speech, but we all got the point. McDonnell’s camp is here in force, with stickers, pamphlets, signs, and an outstanding hospitality suite on Friday night.

On to Day 2!

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