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It looks as if the DNC chairmanship is Howard Dean’s to lose. Of course, this doesn’t mean much for Republicans if we see a re-emergence of the “common sense moderate” Dean painted himself as in the beginning of the Democratic primary. But if we see the liberal, extremist Dean, it could get interesting:

Speaking to a DNC forum in New York over the weekend, Dean indulged once again in some of the undisguised loathing of the GOP that was such a hallmark of Democratic Party activism last year. ‘I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for,’ he told the audience, ‘but I admire their discipline and their organization.’

I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for. Not ‘I oppose the Republicans and everything they stand for.’ Not ‘I’m determined to beat the Republicans.’ Not ‘I reject the Republican message.’ No — Dean wants it understood that he hates the Republicans and all their works. That is the banner under which he is marching as a candidate to lead his party.

I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for.

Yes, that’s the ticket. Give me that chairman! He’s the polarizing, hateful liberal we want galvanizing the left!

Gosh. . . I don’t think I could ever bring myself to say I genuinely hated anyone. But to generalize and hate a whole class of people? Wow. That takes a special kind of insensitivity and disdain I just don’t possess.

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