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Pope tells Catholics to multiply

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A guide for would-be conspiracy theorists

I couldn’t help but laugh at this. It’s a great article on speculation within the tech industry, and well worth the read.

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RFK Jr.: For They That Sow the Whirlwind Shall Reap the Wind

Now I am going to admit this freely: I respect Robert and Jack Kennedy. Not just a little, but a lot. In fact, if one were to ask me my favorite book on political character, I would respond Profiles in … Continue reading

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Light blogging

On a business trip at the moment, so the blogging will be rather light the rest of the week. My apologies — I’ll post if the spirit moves me.

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Webcam of New Orleans

This is being touted as the last operating webcam in New Orleans. Feel free to check in. Many prayers are needed down in Louisiana right now.

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On Bullshit

Everyone’s seen the book at Borders by now. You look, you do a double take, and there it is. On Bullshit. Here’s a review: Frankfurt’s proposition is that, while the liar knows the truth and distorts it, the bullshitter is … Continue reading


Blog Summit Report

A good time had by all. While I was a bit disappointed the focus seemed to be entirely on the regulatory (self-imposed or otherwise) aspects of blogging, it was a great opportunity to meet fellow Virginia bloggers. Very glad to … Continue reading

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The 25th Anniversary of Solidarity

Next week, Solidarity will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Most would accurately describe the Solidarity movement – and those who helped foster it – as the beginning of the end for Soviet communism: The Solidarity movement highlighted the Church’s potential as … Continue reading

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Wlater Reed Medical Center to be Closed

BRAC decided to take out Walter Reed Medical. Let’s hope that the land goes to something that will revitalize Northeast D.C., and not merely to some development that will only congest the area. My vote? Sell the land to Catholic … Continue reading

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Kaine-Potts Debate?

There’s been much speculation as to why Kaine has agreed to debate Potts. The appropriate Republican answer is: Who cares? The only reason why Kaine is doing it is to excite the moderates and make Kilgore look too conservative and … Continue reading

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