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Roberts Confirmed viagra en epoc follow site does viagra make you stay hard after you come how to write a pres for predisione click homemade amoxicillin paramedic essays essay writing apps for android click doxycycline for preventing malaria follow follow link originality of research paper get my homework done for me levitra flavio palco mp3 bill kaulitz overdose da viagra marathi essays for students 11th see how to find my email password in iphone enter site can you use viagra high blood pressure 45 mercy street analysis essay get link source site Thus begins the Roberts era by a 78-22 vote. I think we’re all anxious to see precisely what it will bring.

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Cross-National Correlations of Quantifiable Societal Health with Popular Religiosity and Secularism in the Prosperous Democracies

…or more appropriately titled, the journal article that suggests religous societies are worse off, in full. A deconstruction shall come forth shortly. However, you know you’re off to a bad start when the author opens with this: Two centuries ago … Continue reading

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Religion is bad for society (so say the experts)

Making the rounds this evening, a study published in the Journal of Religion and Society claiming that religious beliefs within a society encourage – and do not discourage – violent behavior such as STD infections, rapes, murders, and so forth. … Continue reading

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Allen on Hannity, Hardball Today

Senator George Allen will be on the Sean Hannity Show this afternoon to talk about Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and a proposed Constitutional Amendment that gives the president the power of line-item veto. Allen will also be on MSNBC’s Hardball … Continue reading

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The Social Agenda of the Catholic Church

Red meat for Catholics!

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Leave Mrs. Buffett’s poor roof alone

Or better titled, when Architectural Review Boards go wild. I really don’t understand why the ARB would (and has) gone after Mrs. Buffett. It’s adding to the community, it’s not out of place, and for crying out loud no one … Continue reading

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Politics Test

Socially liberal, yet economically conservative? Considering I answered as a pro-lifer would, this is a fairly interesting result. Of course, this test could very well be a spin-off of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, where most everyone scores as a … Continue reading


Blog Regulation Sputters on Capitol Hill

Post-Virginia Blog Summit, bloggers on Capitol Hill are making the argument against regulation; an argument that seems to be winning the debate: Bloggers at the hearing continued to air their reservations about any regulations, saying they would be difficult to … Continue reading

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criesinthenight: 5 (tough) Questions…

I don’t think I could ask ’em any tougher than this. While the questions are largely rhetorical (don’t expect a response from the Kilgore campaign), it’s a good summary of what the conservative base is concerned about right now.

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NYT: Louisiana Lawmakers Demand $250 Billion

“We recognize that it’s a very high number,” said Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana. “But I guess part of introducing this package and doing it unified in our delegation is to say this is an unprecedented natural disaster, … Continue reading

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