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Google Earth Helps Find Roman Remains

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Israel: Iran six months away from nuke

This could get ugly quick: Israel is seeking to rally international support for a tough United Nations stand against Iran’s nuclear ambitions with a warning that it could have the knowledge to produce a nuclear bomb “within six months”. As … Continue reading

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Waldo Jaquith: Jerry Bo Peep

Wow. Things are getting rough when this sort of stuff is going on.

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Mr. Noakes Passes Away

Mr. Noakes was my principal at Courtland High School here in Spotsylvania. He was omnipresent, always walking around, checking in on things, making sure people knew he was there and was available. That and his one-of-a-kind “howevah” over the intercom. … Continue reading

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Washington 14 Dallas 13

One of the best 4th quarter comebacks I have seen in a long, long time. Now only if we could play like that the other 55 minutes of the ballgame! Nice to see the Skins blow up Dallas like that … Continue reading


UPDATE Mason Dixon Poll: KILGORE by 1

UPDATE: How long were you guys going to let me get away with this? Kudos to VA Sportsman for smacking me around on what is an egregious error on my part. The latest Mason Dixon poll showed Kilgore up by … Continue reading


Virginia Wins; ND Falls

The folks at Sic Semper Tyrannis say all that needs to be said about the Virginia – Syracuse game. Alternatively, being a Fighting Irish fan, I have nothing but disrespect for the way the Michigan State players acted after their … Continue reading

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Caroline Justice

Fresh from the comments section, an interesting perspective on my native Caroline County that is destined to make the links section.

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Roberts wins the battle…

There’s some speculation now that Roberts will not be vigorously opposed by Democrats in the Senate. Why? Because Roberts’ nomination to SCOTUS isn’t a swing vote, and therefore nowhere near as critical as replacing Justice O’Connor: In 1986, Democrats and … Continue reading

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