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The Back of the Napkin: Now, I Give Up!!!

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C’mon Hoos!

That was a painful game to watch.

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Greenland icecap thickens despite warming

Heh. And no, I don’t buy the idea that it can be attributed to “global warming” per se.

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W. Sidney Armstrong

Sidney Armstrong passed away yesterday at the age of 93. Mr. Armstrong lived in my neighborhood on Littlepage Street. Missy would walk by his place with the kids and every once in awhile would talk with Mr. Armstrong. I had … Continue reading

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OMT: A sign of trouble

One cardinal rule of political campaigns? Handle volunteers and precinct workers with care. Here is one example of how the Kilgore campaign, it seems, has managed to enrage a supporter and poll worker. And the problem stems from this…an episode … Continue reading

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His Royal Highness

Delegate Mark Cole is facing the same challenger he faced in 2003, a retired Prince William detective by the name of Chuck Feldbush. Feldbush’s red signs, which blend nicely with the Russ Potts signs planted along Rt. 17 in Stafford, … Continue reading

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WaPo Takes Cheap Shots on Craddock

Close to midnight, it became clear he wouldn’t finish all the notes, so Craddock prepared to call it quits. But not before he wrote a letter to his close friend Josh Lineberger. “Dear Josh, Thank you so much for your … Continue reading

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criesinthenight: Sooooooooeeeeeey!

Ladies and gentlemen, the first Porker Award.

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SkepticalObservor: You Really Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

James Young pulverizes the hypocrisy of the folks at Raising Kaine. That’s a backbreaker!

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FLS pontificates on what Catholics should believe

Nothing in the world makes me want to bang my head against a wall more than sloppy research. Today’s FLS decides it would like to clarify not only Catholic teaching on the death penalty, but also a Catholic’s obligations while … Continue reading

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