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The Interesting Case of Jacques Pluss

Jacques Pluss was a part0time history professor at Farliegh-Dickinson. Taught well, loved by his students. Loved that is, until the student newspaper found an anonymous letter from Ireland alleging Pluss was not only a neo-Nazi, he was also a member … Continue reading


Georgetown 87, Duke 84

Not that I’m bragging or anything… but GO HOYAS!

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Man-Computer Symbiosis

Want to read the paper that got the Internet started? Of course you do. Here it is!

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OMT: START Chatter

From Norman over at OMT, we get the scoop on why 2006 won’t be 2004: However, rather than waiting until all of the other major players put their plans out in the public eye, Chichester went first (I had in … Continue reading

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Stop Shuler

FOr those interested, former Redskins QB Heath Shuler is running for the Democratic nomination for North Carolina’s 11th U.S. House District. Needless to say, whenever there’s an opportunity where Redskins fans and Republican politics can coincide, you gotta take advantage, … Continue reading

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SST: Conservatives on Mark Warner

Old Zach over at Sic Semper Tyrannis makes an interesting observation on former-Governor Mark Warner: It is interesting that even conservatives are beginning to notice Mark Warner’s potential for being the anti-Hillary, particularly in light of HRC’s embarrassing ‘plantation’ comment … Continue reading

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Better Well than Said

The Wall Street Journal offers Ben Franklin’s thoughts on the need to keep secrets from Congress and the president’s authority to act against perceived threats: Benjamin Franklin (whose 300th birthday is today) would not have thought so. In 1776 he … Continue reading

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NFL Referee Gets Rock Thrown Through Window

Ridiculous: One night after his notorious reversal of an onfield interception threw NFL referee Pete Morelli into a national storm – and nearly sent Denver packing for Indianapolis – Morelli found himself between a hard place and a rock. A … Continue reading

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Commonwealth Conservative: Repeal the Death Tax

I am absolutely stunned that Democrats justify the death tax by any means possible, with one Virginia Centrist even going so far as to say “it’s the most uniquely American Tax that I can think of.” I kid you not. … Continue reading


China e-Lobby: Iran must be liberated

D.J. McGuire over at the China e-Lobby makes his point: The Khomeinist mullahs who have imprisoned the Iranian people for over a quarter of a century appear to be very close to becoming a nuclear power. This has forced many … Continue reading

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