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QandO: Generalizations vs. Stereotypes theseus from greek mythology responsibilities of a citizen essay biography research paper outline example essay on my favourite teacher for kids mana yang lebih baik viagra atau cialis ancient civilizations writing websites follow accutane vitamin d obstacles overcome essay click here efek samping viagra 100 book report forms for 4th grade term papers on the classical view of human nature free essay help online solutions for homelessness essays best writing services online college admissions essays on diversity book review of some famous books levitra guntown best viagra prices 100mg canadian easyjet uk contact observation essay example see url sample irish essays for junior cert cover letter for recent high school graduate Great read from Jon Henke: A little background: a generalization is “a statement about a class based on an examination of some of its members”. So far, so good. Greenwald has certainly noted enough partisanship among bloggers on the right. … Continue reading

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FLS: Route 3 bypass re-emerges

The prospects of a Rt. 3 Bypass have re-emerged: A suggested route for the bypass has it starting at the I-95 exit for the welcome center, running parallel to Route 3 and ending near Riverbend High School. Hagan supports the … Continue reading

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Virginia Held Hostage – Day 10

Virginia Virtucon offers what may be a breakthrough in the budget stalemate. What a great idea Blogline is… heh! Go check it out.

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Virginia Centrist: GNOSIS DAMMIT!

Virginia Centrist has some thoughts about Jason’s and my comments on why Miller is objectively a stronger candidate than Webb. He lists five of our collective arguments, but in the end he cites the trump card: What throws Kenney brothers … Continue reading


George Bush Speechwriter

Aww come on… you know this is cool!

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OMT: Shameless Self-Promotion

Norman is going to be on-the-air on AM 810 in Blacksburg, 8:30am tomorrow. I don’t know if the AM radio dial goes that far… but heck, I’ll give it a shot!

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Kaine Denies Clemency for Vinson

Governor Kaine has denied clemency for Dexter Lee Vinson: ‘Having carefully reviewed the Petition for Clemency and judicial opinions regarding this case, I find no compelling reasons to doubt Mr. Vinson’s guilt or to invalidate the sentence recommended by the … Continue reading


What Happens if Miller Beats Webb?

It’s beyond obvious at this point that most of the Virginia blogosphere (lefties) are supporting former Republican-turned-Democrat James Webb. Even Not Larry Sabato — once renown for objective political analysis — is getting into the feeding frenzy. The problem? Polls … Continue reading


Walk Through

Heading out to Fluvanna to do the walk through this morning. Yippie-kai-aye…

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Can you be fired for Web surfing?

No. But… (B)efore you rush off to eBay or, consider this: The judge ruled that surfing can be allowed only “as long as those activities do not interfere with a worker’s overall performance,” as reported. As we read … Continue reading

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