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Are bloggers journalists?

como se llama viagra para mujeres viagra article rewriting service essay customer care dissertation leeds university writing your dissertation watch 2008 english ap essay viagra pills amazon uk free sir gawain and the green knight essay effective job interview essays enter potential thesis topics in imagery topics for persuasion essays hypothesis testing in business indian viagra blog research biography cialis pulmonary arterial hypertension go here beneficios y peligros del viagra analysis essay proofreading sites gb neurontin to treat substance abuse cocaina y viagra According to the California Appeals Court, yes: The emergence of technology that allowed personal publishing on the Internet also triggered a tiring debate over who should be considered a journalist. Thanks to Apple Computer, there’s finally a clear legal answer. … Continue reading

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Kevorkian Has Second Thoughts

Dr Death feels regret, not over his position of assisted suicide, but rather his methods in promoting his beliefs. In an ironic twist, Kevorkian is dying of Hepatitis C and has less than a year to live himself, and is … Continue reading

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Virginia Virtucon has the news. Go there…

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Your share of the national debt? Pfft. That’s how much politicians have promised you are going to pay for the social retirement benefits of baby boomers: Taxpayers owe more than a half-million dollars per household for financial promises made by … Continue reading


Counterterrorism Blog: Iran and its neighbors are preparing for war

Not a good sign: Military activity in the Gulf has been increasing tremendously in the past few months. According to British sources, the stock of weapons, missiles and combat planes in the six neighboring countries to Iran is now three … Continue reading

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Spark It Up!!!: New Survey USA Poll

Kilo takes a hard look at the new ew Survey USA poll: I am sure the Raising Kainer’s and JC Wilmores will spin this positive but lets look at facts. The last Survey USA poll had Jim Webb at 55% … Continue reading

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NLS: You. Me. Playground. After school.

Consider this the week that Not Larry Sabato finally jumps the shark: So does anyone want to say anything bad about this blog to my face? Consider this an open thread 🙂 Oh my… Apart from the namecalling, voter suppression, … Continue reading


Indicting America’s Education System

This article says everything I would ever want to say about education in America: The deadliest business hazard of our time is the result of a sea change in the American approach to education that occurred early in the 1970s. … Continue reading

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Weigel on Humanae Vitae and Proportionalism

George Weigel is quickly becoming my favorite commentator. This time, he challenges assumptions among hererodox Catholics with regards to the reasons for Archdiocese Humanae Vitae: Pope Paul VI was (supposedly) terrified that the Church, by “changing its mind,” would undermine … Continue reading

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That’s the price of gas in Fredericksburg, just three days before Memorial Day Weekend, and down about $0.25 from a few weeks earlier. What’s the change? Supply seems to be up according to the Department of Energy. Average price of … Continue reading