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Cardinal Rode on Same-Sex Unions

Cardinal Rode is giving us a preview of what’s to come at the World Meeting of the Families: In a statement for Radio Caritas, Cardinal Rode said that, ‘it is simply ridiculous to say that same-sex unions should be called … Continue reading


Bloggers in Italy Convicted for Defamation

Virginia’s blogosphere doesn’t seem to be the only one debating the effects of anonymous/pseudonymous blogging al la Black Velvet Bruce Lee. Italy of all places just fined a blogger for defamation, and the ripples are finally reaching the United States … Continue reading

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New Dem Strategy: Everyone Cuts And Runs

You can’t help but laugh at this: ‘We all want to change America,’ added Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) with compassion. ‘We want it to be a land where noble teachers are free to leave class before the school’s over, and … Continue reading

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The Daily Pulse, June 22- whos-right-on-iraq – AOL News

AOL is conducting a poll with some very interesting results. Here are the questions and answers: 1. Which party has better ideas for Iraq? Republicans or Democrats? 2. How important is Iraq as a voting issue? Very. Somewhat. Not at … Continue reading

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Of Keystroke Loggers and Trojans

I have been forced to delete two keystroke loggers and now four trojans in just the past three hours. Is there a virus going around that the virus protection guys haven’t gotten to yet, or is this just someone picking … Continue reading

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Battleground States Poll

Since we’re all slobbering over ourselves concerning which races are doing what, here’s the WSJ’s Flash animation going through each one. Enjoy! But most importantly, look at the trends in the polls… not good for the home team, folks.



If you’re sad like me, working from a desk and not watching the USA-Ghana, then you are thanking Google for updates. 1 Ghana USA 0 The worst part? 0 Czech Italy 1!!! If Italy wins, and the USA wins, we … Continue reading

1 Comment Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq

Chemical weapons found in Iraq, though most seem to be pre-1991. So does this prove Saddam was hiding WMD? Probably not. Saddam’s Iraq was notorious for the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. The sheer impossibility … Continue reading

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Will Blog for Food

Continuing the conversation of ethical landmines and blogging, it seems as if none other than The Daily Kos is in the middle of a blog-for-money controversy. What a shame. I get the feeling this issue of blogs taking money, being … Continue reading

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Earmark the What Out of Whom?

I’ve kinda been waiting for the right moment to comment on Rep. Jim Moran’s decorous remarks concerning earmarks, and I might have found just the right meme: Moran, who’s famously promised, “When I become chairman [of a House appropriations subcommittee], … Continue reading

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