Police Protective Fund

I just received a phone call from an organization calling itself the Police Protective Fund. Odd, since the phone came up on the caller ID as a graphics firm.

After interrogating the guy on the other line, I went and did a brief search as to who these guys are:

These telemarketing companies are said to use high-pressure tactics in order to get people to pledge money to these organizations, under the belief that the money will find its way to the local police officer or police department.

The “Police Protective Fund” reported to the Office of Public Charities, in it’s Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax document for year ending 2001, that this organization raised $2,880,615.00 in total funds across this nation.

This organization then paid $2,525,271.00 to the All-Pro Telemarketing firm of 277 Fairfield Rd. Suite #308 Fairfield, NJ to perform the fund raising activities.

According to the tax document, “Police Protective Fund” paid out $20,573.00 in benefits to its ‘enrolled’ members.

Quite a business.

There’s a scam going about. While the organization seems legitimate, there are better ways to support your local law enforcement. And if they call you, give them some hell for me, will you?

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4 Responses to Police Protective Fund

  1. Megan says:

    ask them how much goes to the police….probably 15%

  2. Velvet Elvis says:

    Whoa, momma! I should’ve gotten me a piece of that action since Nixon deputized me.

  3. k says:

    oooook… now.. I am not sure about all of that..since I had never heard of the Police Protective Fund until a month ago. I will tell you how it works now though, since I am a former employee of them. I am not from VA, or MD, or TN, but in fact from FL where the office I worked in called MD. Every one of their offices calls a different state. They hire employees to do the calling, and not an outside telemarketing firm. Trust me…I know because I was one of the employees. They are a tex-exempt charity, which first off, excludes them from the Do Not Call registry, so if you recieve a call from them…giving them the excuse that youre on the list, will NOT stop them from calling you. ANY charity is exempt from the do not call list. Furthermore, I would Like to add that they claim to help the families of fallen police officers….yes, only if you enroll for one, which is free, if you are in fact a police officer for two, and for three…if you die. Otherwise, the money given to them goes for “bills” such as a new fish for the fish tank in the office, or for the phone bill, or to pay the people that are on the phone fighting with you rudely to give them money. PLEASE listen to me since I know from first hand experience, and DO NOT EVER give ANYONE money over the phone…they are ALL hiding something…trust me. If they call you….they are a scam is how I look at it now. thank you for your time

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