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Blogging Hiatus

essays on the truman doctrine pagina segura para comprar cialis dissertation management international case study research method in education cialis trinity center 20mg cialis vs 100 mg viagra see go to link efectos del levitra en la mujer cialis online ervaringen met what is a classification essay follow link thesis definition learner's dictionary cd27 bfn clomid calculator history of ballet essay writing research papers 12th edition herbal viagra to buy history of apple computer essay cialis movie commercial source career aspiration essay business see enter cialis 20 mg tablet lil Well, it’s 20 days out from Election Day, and as you can tell, I haven’t been blogging much at all. See you all on November 8th!



A small aircraft has hit the side of an apartment building in New York City. Two deaths, no reports on casualties (yet). Eyewitnesses report an object making a sharp turn before flying into the building. No speculation as to whether … Continue reading


Introibo ad altare Dei

Pope Benedict XVI is rumored (rumored, mind you) to have signed a universal indult so that priests can once again say the Tridentine Mass: Pope Benedict XVI is understood to have signed a universal indult – or permission – for … Continue reading


You Will Not Be Proud to Watch This Video

But you should watch it all the same. During a speech given by a member of the Minuteman Project, a group of students charged the stage, unraveled signs, and a general melee ensued. This sort of stuff happened in Weimar … Continue reading


Prayer to St. Thomas More

Thomas More, counselor of law and patron of statesmen, merry martyr and most human of saints: Pray that, for the glory of God and in the pursuit of His justice, I may be able in argument, accurate in analysis, keen … Continue reading

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The David Zucker Albright Ad

What the Democrats are screaming about (as seen on Drudge):


How to Turn a Campaign Around

Simple. Create a diversion: Suddenly, macaca, Jewish heritage and racial slurs are yesterday’s news. Look through Virginia’s newspapers, look even at the partisan blogs that relish hitting Sen. George Allen as hard as they can: The feeding frenzy has subsided. … Continue reading


The Nietzsche Family Circus

Outstanding! Heh! (H/T to NRO Corner)

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How Do You Win a Debate?

By making fewer mistakes than the next fella. Anyone have their mind made up by a debate? No? So it is with the rest of the Commonwealth. I’d still like to have seen the debate to make my own mind … Continue reading


The McGuire Doctrine

D.J. McGuire over at the China-e-Lobby states his foreign policy position against Communist China and their North Korean satellite: It should be noted that this set of policies will, at most, only lead to a steady-state in Cold War II. … Continue reading

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