How Do You Win a Debate?

By making fewer mistakes than the next fella.

Anyone have their mind made up by a debate? No? So it is with the rest of the Commonwealth.

I’d still like to have seen the debate to make my own mind up, but it does sound like the Taiwan Strait island question backfired on Webb. “Too smart for his own good” seems to be the independent view of Sec. Webb.

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7 Responses to How Do You Win a Debate?

  1. D.J. McGuire says:

    I may be the only person in Virginia who cares, but the Sankaku thing fascinates me.

    How did Webby phrase the Q?

  2. BDM says:

    Thing I noticed on that question was that I could not understand the name of the island he was talking about when he asked the question. Allen could have had the same problem, but I think Webb blew an opportunity there.

  3. Charles says:

    Senkuku isn’t really that interesting. That’s the Japanese name of the island, The Chinese name is Diaoyutai Islands .

    Also they are called the Pinnacle Islands.

    We actually occupied them in WW2.

    Anyway, they are uninhabited, there is a 3-way argument over them (Japan, China, Taiwan), and the dispute seems rather low-level, hardly worth a debate question — I wouldn’t put it on the top 50 foreign policy issues facing America.

    Hey, they just started the debate again on C-span (12:37 am)

  4. Charles says:

    BTW, Webb at one point says we need day labor centers because the republicans “didn’t secure our borders”.

    I would think all the legal immigrants and citizens who are day laborers and would like day labor centers would be pretty upset that Webb called them all illegals here only because republicans didn’t do their jobs to keep them out.

  5. Jason Kenney says:

    There Sankaku and then there’s Taiwan. Where does Webb stand on America’s reaction should China prove to be more aggressive towards our ally? And beyond that, where does Webb stand on China as a whole, its treatment of its people and Tibet and more? George Allen, as Governor, snubbed Chinese President Jiang Zemin and rightfully so.

    Since Webb’s so well versed on Chinese politics, where’s the rest? Or did his handlers simply look for a vague international gotcha in an attempt to counter Allen’s legitimate to Virginian’s question from two debates ago?

  6. Jack Landers says:

    This is absurd. You are suggesting that it is a bad thing for a former Secretary of the Navy and aspiring US Senator to be familiar with the subject of a significant international dispute? Why would it ever be a good thing for a Senator to be ignorant of foreign policy issues?


    Webb seems to attack China frequently and I’ve heard him talk about the importance of backing up Taiwan.

    China is one of those rare issues that everyone pretty much agrees on. The far left hates China because of Tibet and civil rights, the center hates them because of trade issues, the far right hates them because of their treatment of certain groups of Christians and fiscal conservatives on both sides hate them because of their management of their currency and how that impacts American international debt.

    Everybody hates China. Together.

    It’s enough to give a man a warm fuzzy feeling.

  7. Jason Kenney says:

    Jack, certainly everyone agrees that China’s not exactly the nicest kid in the neighborhood and there are different angles from which to approach that, but brining up some vague islands that the US government itself has no stance on does not constitute a trump on foreign affairs.

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