You Will Not Be Proud to Watch This Video

But you should watch it all the same. During a speech given by a member of the Minuteman Project, a group of students charged the stage, unraveled signs, and a general melee ensued.

This sort of stuff happened in Weimar Germany, just before the brownshirts arrived to enforce (and protect) a doctrine of racial supremacy, militarism, and hate.

There’s a political rant at the end, but largely the gentleman is right. This shouldn’t represent higher education at Columbia, yet unfortunately it passes for education and civility in many, many universities.

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8 Responses to You Will Not Be Proud to Watch This Video

  1. James E. Martin says:

    Except the minutemen are following a doctrine of racial supremacy, militarism, and hate… So i dont understand the parallel?

  2. Mike says:


    The Minutemen understand law, order, and civility. Their goal is not hatred or racial supremacy (and I challange you to prove that one), their purpose is to ensure the safety of this country through secure boarders. It is illegal for someone from another country to enter our country without some form of authorization (and there are many LEGAL means for non-U.S. citizens to enter our country). The minutemen simply wish to put an end to illegal entry.

    You DO understand law, order, and civility, don’t you? Apparently, the liberals at Columbia don’t, since their storming of the stage and throwing unprovoked punches and kicks were unlawful, disordered, and uncivil.

    Do you really DEFEND this behavior?

  3. James Atticus Bowden says:

    Nothing like this happened when I went to Columbia. Pretty poor. Hope it doesn’t happen in Virginia’s colleges and universities.

  4. James E. Martin says:

    A) Their entire goal is to get 20 million Hispanics and their children (most American Citizens) deported just because of the color of their skin. Not racist at all!

    B) The minuteman have done organized events where they follow church workers who leave water barrels in the desert so immigrants don’t die and pierce them… I may just be me, but a group who tries to kill Hispanic woman and children is a lil-racist…

    Do i defend a peaceful protest? Absolutely! It was the fascist minutemen who then started throwing punches and trying to hurt… you guessed it, Hispanics.

  5. Jason Kenney says:

    There are times I do not agree with the Minutemen’s tactics, but I believe to call them racist as a whole because you do not agree with their policy is counterintuitive to the immigration debate. In reference to this video, part of free speach in this country is allowing alternate viewpoints to come out and respecting that right and their forum. When you storm the stage during a properly organized event you do nothing but make a fool out of yourself and your cause. There is a time and a place for such antics and that was not it.

  6. Bville-Bud says:


    You are narrow minded, unformed, and offensive. My guess is you are about 17 years old and live in NOVA. I think the minutemen have a GREAT DEAL more respect for American law than the ILLEGAL aliens do.

    I am a big supporter of legal immigration; when I see young Hispanic men at the local 7-11 at the crack of dawn ready to work a 12 – 14 hour day working for too little money, I am reminded of myself 25 years ago, these folks will make America better. When I see un-insured un-employed Hispanics standing in our emergency rooms, non English speakers in our schools, or criminals robbing, raping, and killing others I am frankly disgusted and discouraged.

  7. Kevin says:

    “criminals robbing, raping, and killing others I am frankly disgusted and discouraged.”

    White criminals too? Right?

    “When I see un-insured un-employed Hispanics standing in our emergency rooms, non English speakers in our schools,”

    Legal or illegal? What about the other non-English speakers? Are the Chinese, Japanese, Afghanis, etc. welcome? In my school, we have close to 30 different languages spoken. I know this is hard to comprehend but legal immigrants also have a right to an education. We will immerse them in English but that takes time. Is it ok for these people to be in YOUR schools or are they too “foreign” for you?

  8. Bville-Bud says:


    First I should probably apologize to James, my comments were abrasive; but it really gets my hackles up when people distort the truth, side with criminals, and try to paint law abiding well meaning Americans as racists when they just want see us immigration laws enforced.

    Kevin, you make some good thoughtful points, but I will have to agree to disagree.

    Yes all violent crime really upsets me, but for me at least, the sting is worse when it comes from outside our boarders and infests America; of course for the victim it makes no difference what country the violence comes from. I do believe that the elected officials owe these victims an explanation to why their wages were pilfered to fund failing policies and programs that did not protect them, when some simple common sense efforts to enforce laws that are already on the books may have stopped a tragedy. I don’t believe that illegal immigrant workers are cheap labor; just the opposite, it is expensive labor (schools, health care, special programs, police, & jails) but it is subsidized by our taxes.

    I am a constitutionalist so forgive me, but I did not read about the “right to an education” in our constitution. I am no expert, and could be very wrong, but believe that much of this is based on Brown v. Board of education (1954). The Brown case was about segregation, and access to schools, not about providing specialized (and expensive) programs for those students. I think it is heresy that they must be educated in the language of their choice.

    Please understand I am not anti immigration, but I am for legal and controlled immigration. As I stated above I think that the hard working Latinos represent much of what is great about America and are the seeds of hope for a new generation, but I have little tolerance for those who break our laws, and expect special treatment.

    Thanks again for your comments, I am willing to be educated (in English please) if my view of educational rights is off base, and look forward to your comments.

    With very best wishes and genuine respect,


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