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Welcome To The World, Baby Marie

Heya, folks. Kenney The Younger here. Not to steal Shaun’s thunder or anything but I know a good bunch of you all are eagerly awaiting a follow-up on Shaun’s last post so I thought I’d come in here late and … Continue reading



Looks like it’s D-Day… contractions are about 10-12 minutes apart, and we’re getting ready to head up the road to Mary Washington. If I don’t post for three days, you’ll know the little one has arrived.


Acton: Good News for the Moralists

Now this is interesting, from the Acton Institute PowerBlog: Here’s some good news for those who prefer to combat cultural evil through the edification and cultivation of moral sensibilities: In “Repugnance as a Constraint on Markets,” Alvin E. Roth finds … Continue reading

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Barticles: Who Can Speak

Yet another excellent post from Bart Hinkle at the RTD, this time effortlessly destroying the “chickenhawk” argument: Those who have served in the military have a valuable perspective and should be listened to. But it is nonsense to say that … Continue reading


SLANTblog: Why did Webb Win?

Don’t know about the rest of the world, but this Democratic chest-thumping in Virginia (and subsequent doom-and-gloom amongst conservatives) has gotten old. Why did Jim Webb win? One word: MACACA. And how did it get out? Not through an incompetent … Continue reading



Driving along the back roads of Fluvanna, I came up on beautiful Downtown Kent’s Store and saw a gentleman working on the phone box just next to the general store. There was a sign. “High Speed Internet is Available Now!” … Continue reading


Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend John?

22 November 1963, President Jack Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Today is the 43rd anniversary. The Free Lance-Star has a personal account of Lori Deem, who saw Kennedy’s procession in Washington on 24 November: Later Deem and her mother … Continue reading


Just as long as he does it OUTSIDE

17-year old Thiago Olson does what very geekish kid wishes they could do with their science lab: build a fusion reactor: In the basement of his parents’ Oakland Township home, tucked away in an area most aren’t privy to see, … Continue reading

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Merry Thanksgiving!!! OR What Are You Thankful For???

Lowes in Charlottesville, where the Xmas stuff has been up for about two weeks now. I can’t possibly be the only one lamenting the loss of Thanksgiving to commercialization… UPDATE: Mark Gardner has decided to take this to the next … Continue reading


Reason & Revelation: Yes, Prime Minister

The Friar discusses Yes, Prime Minister and arguments for and against the draft… and press bashing, for that matter.