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Howling Latina: Weeping for Saddam

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The Ward View: Why I write. Why I’m staying.

Pen name Ward Smythe gives his explanation as to why he’s sticking around. Perhaps the best quote comes from none other than Mr. Not Larry Sabato himself: I’m glad I read this whole thing, because that was the conclusion I … Continue reading

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The Dr. Isis Initiative

Not Not Jay Hughes has a modest proposal for VRE (with advanced apologies to Jonathan Swift).


Official: Saddam to Be Executed Tonight

Before 10.00pm tonight, by hanging. Methods of execution that won’t be used tonight: electrocution, mustard gas, mutilation in a beef grinder, suffocation, shot behind the head, buried half alive, stoning, mass warfare… you get the point. Justice will be served. … Continue reading


QandO: The Minimum Wage

Jon Henke once again effortlessly destroys the myth of the minimum wage: I recently objected to a Washington Post claim that about “450,000 Virginians are paid the minimum wage”. They have since added a correction to the story, noting that … Continue reading

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Commonwealth Conservative: Can we disagree without being disagreeable?

Out of retirement? Probably not… but he had something important to say.


Why Braveheart Fails; Why Watling Street Works

So I read the criticism from Spank That Donkey. I’m sure the folks in Fredericksburg will be highly amused to see I am no longer a “grassroots conservative” but rather some cushy elitist moderate. See Shaun, here is something you … Continue reading


Saddam Hussein Deserves the Maximum Penalty of DEATH

Sometimes I really can’t believe how secularism has blinded some within the Church. Cardinal Martino for instance: Cardinal Renato Martino, Pope Benedict XVI’s top prelate for justice issues and a former Vatican envoy to the U.N., condemned the death sentence … Continue reading


Apologia Pro Waldo Jaquith

There are so many avenues to this it’s tough to get started. Waldo removes a blog from his aggregator for posting the aftermath of an act of terrorism, calling it “political pornography” (which is definitely not to be confused with … Continue reading


Communist Chinese: Partners for Peace

How do we know? Because they’re buinding a powerful navy to invade Taiw… er, protect shipping lanes.

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