Official: Saddam to Be Executed Tonight

Before 10.00pm tonight, by hanging.

Methods of execution that won’t be used tonight: electrocution, mustard gas, mutilation in a beef grinder, suffocation, shot behind the head, buried half alive, stoning, mass warfare… you get the point.

Justice will be served. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

UPDATE: Here’s another method I forgot:

State television ran footage of the Saddam era’s atrocities, including images of uniformed men placing a bomb next to a youth’s chest and blowing him up in what looked like a desert, and handcuffed men being thrown from a high building.

Nope. None of these methods will be used.

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10 Responses to Official: Saddam to Be Executed Tonight

  1. CR UVa says:

    He should be strung up by his toes and stoned by the families of those whom he murdered, then have his carcass dragged around town the way the head of his statue was in the fall of Baghdad. One death sentence cannot truly be called justice because he could never atone for those whom he killed.

    And do not take this the wrong way. I hate to see anyone die, particularly by the death penalty; it shows a terrible waste of a life. However, it is for that reason that Saddam could never be in the right. Those people were not given a trial, but instead were victims of an atrocity.

  2. James E. Martin says:

    History will remember this as a bad day… not because an evil man was killed, but because this is the day we lost the moral high-ground in Iraq (and thus the war).

  3. Shaun Kenney says:


  4. Shaun Kenney says:

    James, I hope they auction off the rope to pay for Iraqi war victims.

    This is the clear exception where the use of the death penalty is a legitimate means for the state to exact justice.

    Opposition to the death penalty should be based in an opposition to proportionalism. In this specific instance, you have a man who is without remorse whom – if released – would murder again. Not only this, but his prolonged life instigates more terrorism, terror he encourages among Ba’athists.

    Pacifism is not a Catholic virtue, James. This one is so cut and dry, it boggles my mind to conceive that even you would defend Saddam Hussein!!!

  5. AnonymousIsAWoman says:

    Shaun, I don’t disagree with your arguments about proportionalism. In fact, I know some things about Saddam Hussein and how truly evil he is that would boggle the mind. He murdered his own sons-in-law (yes, plural) because of his paranoia.

    I had a friend whose brother worked for the State Department and told my friend that Saddam used to keep a pool full of acid to execute enemies.

    However, as a New Yorker whose beloved city was attacked, I am sad and hurting that the one who really did this is still running around the wild tribal lands of Pakistan free and flaunting it at us.

    Some measure of justice is being done tonight. But not all justice. Justice for Iraqi Shiites, and I don’t begrudge them. But not justice for Americans and certainly not for New Yorkers.

    Let’s be clear about that.

  6. Shaun Kenney says:

    Osama’s time will come.

  7. James E. Martin says:

    … and it wont be a day before our incompetent idiot of a President leaves office.

  8. BDM says:

    The Iraqis tried the man and they are the ones who will do the execution. So there is no moral high ground to be lost. As for bin Laden, I am betting he is dead already.

  9. Charles says:

    I’d post some of that stuff on my blog, but it might upset Waldo 🙂

  10. NotNotJayHughes says:

    I toasted the execution of this waste of carbon with a fine sparkling wine I found at the Total Wine shop in Central Park.

    Hear, hear, Sic Semper Tyrannis.

    Best wishes to the Iraqi people as they embark on the journey of liberty.

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