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OTB: Good News In the Housing Market

how to write a doctoral dissertation meldonium dictionary topic outline for research paper go click here source link hvad koste viagra assignment and homework help chegg homework help coupon nacirema essay writing services online see url order viagra now money how do i send an email from drafts on my ipad peter brown the cult of the saints thesis click clomid ectopic pregnancy finding a thesis statement source url definition essays on success geometery homework help source link cheapest generic viagra 99 cents each smoothie business plan The housing market seems to have hit bottom, which is great news for anyone who is thinking about buying a home in the next three months. By springtime, we’ll be back to the same frantic pace we were two years … Continue reading

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FIRST THINGS: On Intellectuals

Why are lawyers considered intellectuals and engineers not? Are journalists intellectuals? Does any profession give you instant credentials as an intellectual? Joseph Bottum over at First Things asks precisely that question. A good read. If you haven’t put the First … Continue reading


Save The GOP: Newt’s 1978 Speech to CRs

One can practically hear this same speech given today: Do you like the state of the Republican Party? Do you think you ought to respect Bill Brock because he has done such a great job? Or Richard Nixon, or Gerald … Continue reading

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The right-wing liberal: Let’s hear it for Ethiopia!

Hear, hear!

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President Ford Dead at 93

Prepare yourself for the SNL quotes… Former President Gerald Ford passed away yesterday at 93: Gerald R. Ford, who picked up the pieces of Richard Nixon’s scandal- shattered White House as the 38th president and the only one never elected … Continue reading


The Virginia Progressive Says…

If you’re straight, you hate babies with AIDS, or at least are not willing to adpot babies testing HIV-positive. Gay couples on the other hand love these babies, but sadly cannot adopt these unwanted children because of the hate-filled hearts … Continue reading


Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer!

My Christmas present to the Virginia Blogosphere… or well-planned and delayed payback to the boys at Richmond War Room, I give you Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer! Frank Capra had nothing to do with the making of this Flash game. But … Continue reading

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Peace in Bethlehem

Christmas in the place of Christ’s birth: In an annual custom, Bethlehem’s residents enacted Christmas rituals that seem out of place in the Middle East. Palestinian Scouts marched through the streets, some wearing kilts and pompom-topped berets, playing drums and … Continue reading

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The Virginia Progressive: A Liberal Argument for Christmas

AJD over at The Virginia Progressive presents a liberal argument for Christmas in culture: I would argue that Christmas has moved beyond it’s religious origins and into a similar place in our society. We don’t just gather to remember the … Continue reading

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Shrieks From the Booby Hatch: The Grand Unified Theory of Gift-Wrapping

A great idea whose time had come about two weeks ago: The Grand Unified Theory of Gift-Wrapping is a remarkably simple solution. One buys a gift and avails oneself of the in-store wrapping service. The gift is then safe for … Continue reading

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