The Ward View: Why I write. Why I’m staying.

Pen name Ward Smythe gives his explanation as to why he’s sticking around. Perhaps the best quote comes from none other than Mr. Not Larry Sabato himself:

I’m glad I read this whole thing, because that was the conclusion I came to when I started NLS. You either have to be a party hack or you have to be yourself. No one agrees with the party and its candidates 100% of the time, so I don’t think it is possible to be both.

The best thing about the Virginia blogosphere is people willing to say their mind outnumbers the RK’s of the world.

Good stuff. Read it all, and let’s hope it’s the final word on the matter.

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One Response to The Ward View: Why I write. Why I’m staying.

  1. Charles says:

    I wasn’t involved in the original discussion. I don’t care about the dog, or about Waldo.

    I don’t understand the “Waldo” lovefest, or what Waldo did in this incident that earns him special award and recognition.

    I certainly understand not wanting to attack him, and not boycotting him, but the worship of Waldo over what was little more than his act against his own stated principles seems out of place.

    And as some have observed, it’s more of an “old boys network” vs the new young crowd. A situation I would liken to the republicans in the Virginia Senate, vs the house.

    Although I’m imagining that you, Chad , and the others will not take kindly to being compared to John Chichester, Russ Potts, and company.

    I guess I’m firmly in the middle on the issue, but find little in this incident for which to admire Waldo.

    And I’ll go read Ward to figure out which group NLS thought he was a part of. Because he’s much more partisan hack than anything else.

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