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Norm Leahy is Back!

…and blogging at Bearing Drift. If there were any questions about which blog is the best Republican blog out there, this puts it to rest. When this blog grows up, it wants to be Bearing Drift.


Acton: The Role of Limited Government

Another great article from the Acton Institute, this time on the role of limited government.

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FIRST THINGS: Friends of God

This has to be one of the most thought-provoking arguments on the condition of the evangelical movement in America I have ever read. Most of which you could overlay onto Catholic attempts to mimic the evangelical movement’s appeal. We, “us,” … Continue reading


Trailer… but not trash?

I will readily admit that I am trailer-raised, on a farm, in Caroline County. A double-wide to be precise, with three bedrooms, two baths, a den, a living room, a dining room, eat-in kitchen, and a porch. Not a bad … Continue reading


Google's Master Plan

It’s a C-O-N-spiracy… You know, there has got to be a way to create your own conspiracy theories online, just by connecting the dots. Sort of a “Six Degrees of (fill in the blank)”. For instance: (1) My brother Jason … Continue reading


The Ward View: Riley’s Right, We are already at War with Iran.

Ward Smythe and Jim Riley discuss the issue of Iranian IEDs being used against American soldiers in Iraq, with the point being summarized nicely by Riley: If this is true, then we are already at war with Iran and the … Continue reading


Does Tim Kaine Even Matter Anymore?

Mason Conservative says no, an interesting thought given that the only transportation plans being debated right now are Republican transportation plans…


QandO: Zimbabwe’s continued descent into hell

Great article over at QandO regarding Zimbabwe’s continued collapse from what was once the breadbasket of southern Africa to a “criminal oligarchy.” To paraphrase McQ, Zimbabwe is comparable to Venezuela, without the oil revenue.


Air Pelosi

Hey middle class… feeling the pressure of rising taxes, bloated bureaucraces, and sluggish economic growth? Just get on the Pelosi Plan and get the government to give you access to a big jetliner at taxpayer expense. Minority Whip Roy Blunt … Continue reading