Norm Leahy is Back!

…and blogging at Bearing Drift.

If there were any questions about which blog is the best Republican blog out there, this puts it to rest. When this blog grows up, it wants to be Bearing Drift.

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5 Responses to Norm Leahy is Back!

  1. J.R.Hoeft says:

    And all of us blogging there want to grow-up to be Shaun Kenney!

    Thanks for the props!

  2. J.R.Hoeft says:

    Of course, you still don’t link to us on your sidebar…not that we’re complaining or anything…

  3. Doogman says:

    Speaking of outstanding bloggers:

  4. Jason Kenney says:

    He’s jealous. His admiration will only go so far.

  5. Mark Gardner says:

    He`s back and I can comment from my tv via my Wii

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