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Boaz and Ruth

While I was walking about Downtown Richmond (moreso to acclimate myself to the neighborhood around RPV), I walked into an antique store run by Boaz & Ruth: It’s a vicious cycle. When someone is released from prison, they generally return … Continue reading

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World's Oldest Newspaper Goes Digital

First the L.A. Times, now the oldest newspaper on the world gives up the print for the digital age: For centuries, readers thumbed through the crackling pages of Sweden’s Post-och Inrikes Tidningar newspaper. No longer. The world’s oldest paper still … Continue reading

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Apollo 11-17 Panorama

You will spend 15 minutes of your life on this: Quicktime panoramic shots of the Apollo Moon landings. Plus, if you go to the top right, you can see other images from around the world as well. When I’m not … Continue reading

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Why Showing Up is Important

Matt Lewis gives an excellent example on why showing up really is 80% of life: This isn’t an original concept: Why did Ross Perot address the Christian Coalition in 1996? He had to have known that his immediate audience — … Continue reading

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Iran: Giant achievements coming soon

February 11th is the day when Ahmedinejad says Iran’s nuclear rights will be established . Hoo. Ray. Also in the article, Iranian scientists have claimed to have found an herbal cure for AIDS. It seems as if this week is … Continue reading

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RTD: For Every Gamer There Should Be a Gardener

I’ve written at length on this topic once before, but never from this perspective: Your respectful gardener might know a godawful lot about horticulture, aesthetics, flower-arranging, and whatnot. He might spend many a diverting hour puttering about in his (or … Continue reading


The Ward View: Friday Whine and Cheese

A new feature over at The Ward View. Friday’s Whine and Cheese, which reads more of a carnival of Democrat… Democratic… well, silliness. I really like this blog, for various and sundry reasons. Most of all because Ward holds no … Continue reading

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How 'bout those HOOS?!?!

Virginia beats Duke 68-66 in OT. Outstanding!