QandO: Zimbabwe’s continued descent into hell

Great article over at QandO regarding Zimbabwe’s continued collapse from what was once the breadbasket of southern Africa to a “criminal oligarchy.”

To paraphrase McQ, Zimbabwe is comparable to Venezuela, without the oil revenue.

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2 Responses to QandO: Zimbabwe’s continued descent into hell

  1. Mike says:

    This is one of my primary reasons for disbelieving the Bush administration’s rhetoric that we went into Iraq for humanitarian reasons.

  2. Mark Gardner says:

    I can tell you that when I was in Zimbabwe in the late fall of 2004, the local artisans were extremely worried about their country. There were stories of the land being taken from their owners. This was the one country where we were resticted from traveling without a US Embassy rep. We also were in Zambi and Botswana.

    Tourism had become almost non-existent, where there were 1.4 million tourists in 1999. The were sell beautiful hand carved stone for as little as $10. I bought many (around 6) that day off of 3 different artist.

    The problem was that there about 50 artists, and in the couple hours we were there, didn’t see anybody else shopping. Is was the late fall, so that might have something to do with it, but it looked very bleak.

    It only seems to have gotten worse, very sad situation.

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