Swan Song…

Four years. That’s a long time to blog.

As we get closer and closer to updating the RPV website, my place will be over there shortly. Which means this place – for the purposes of blogging – gets to be in limbo for a time. A long time.

So what do I leave behind? An admonishment. Virginia’s blogosphere is one of the most sophisticated, collegial, and advanced in the nation. It is this way because many of us have decided to treat one another in a constructive and ethical manner, and for a reason. Our blogosphere is highly susceptible to corruption; by anonymous hacks, by hijackers blogging pseudonymously, by paid bloggers (such as myself), and by our own human nature.

What works in our favor is a great deal of Virginia tradition, a general desire for ethical blogging, and a hope that our voice and thoughts will make the Commonwealth a better place to live.

Stay principled, jealously guard your reputations, and blog for right reasons!

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15 Responses to Swan Song…

  1. Norman Leahy says:

    Sad to see this happen, Shaun. But considering the other demands on your time, not entirely unexpected.

    Your’s has been a clear and reasonable voice…one of the very few. And it will be missed

  2. Alton Foley says:

    Sorry to see this shop close up Shaun. But at least I’m on the RPV mail list, so you won’t be too far away.

    You will be in Hampton Roads in late Summer I hope.

  3. Shaun Kenney says:

    I will be there! My instructions to Jim were to use me as you see fit, so if that means setting me up in a water tank and letting folks throw beanbags at me…

  4. J.R.Hoeft says:


    Shaun, you may be taking a pause from the personal blog, but I have a feeling the one over at RPV is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

    And, as for late-summer, I might as well reply now…expect to be sitting on a panel with, hopefully, a Democratic “colleague”.

  5. James Atticus Bowden says:

    Where will I read about Natural Law?

    I know we will be in touch.

    How do you know Virginia is the best blogosphere?

    Best and Hooah.

  6. Doogman says:

    You’ll always have a special spot in my newsreader. *snif* (dabs at eyes)

  7. Mark Gardner says:

    4 years went by so fast, you almost made 5 (by my math).

    We’re happy for your new location, and we’ll be visiting regularly. The real questions is how long till I actually stop coming here looking for updates.

  8. grrr82cu2 says:

    Perhaps as the only one who will be posting a message with less than the “Happy Trails To You” content appearing so far…

    As I listened to your radio broadcast this afternoon (Feb 23) on my way home, I was stuck by how repetitive the same old stream of invectives about the Democrats being soft on terrorism, foaming-at-the-mouth to raise taxes, lax on immigration (just to name three) was in your broadcast with no balancing mention made of the glaring mess the administration and recent Republican majority have made of things.

    Taking a simple look at each of those three issues (since you make it impossible to engage you about such things to any degree on your radio show), what do we find…accuracy…or hypocrisy, even disingenuousness?

    “Democrats are soft on terrorism”

    It’s not the Democrats who should hang their heads in shame on this issue.

    After years of being the biggest gorrila (or elephant) in the room…the recommendations by the bi-partisian 9/11 Committee were never implimented by the Republicans majority. To their shame…they are going down in history as a “do nothing congress”!

    Not implementing the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations????..now that’s being soft on terrorism!

    I’ve heard over and over the argument from Cheney and others that “no terror attacks on American soil since 9/11 proves what a great job this Republican administration has done”.

    It reminds me of the old joke about the drunk leaning on a lamp post who was confronted by a police officer as to what he was doing there.

    The drunk replied, “Keeping the elephants away”…to which the police officer exclaims, “I don’t see any elephants”.

    The drunk smiles and says, “Obviously I’m doing a great job, ain’t that right?”

    Our borders are porous, our ports are almost as vunerable as they were before 9/11, cargo is not scanned going abord international flights or entering our waters…yet Republicans brag that the country is safer with them in power than the Democrats.

    Who knows how many terrorists have crossed into this country and (like the book, “Charm School”) are living among us biding their time to strike.

    True, some interdictions have taken place, a few plots have been foiled, a few perpetrators have been rounded up, and the operational money stream has been curtailed to some degree. Good for “you”, “us”, the Brits, Dubya, the Canadians, whomever…

    But those few and far between successes hardly justify the claims made by Republicans as to what a great job they have done (in comparison to the constant drumbeat that Democrats wouldn’t have done as well if they had been in power) based upon no action by the enemy…when they (the Republican majority) have done virtually nothing to protect our borders or cargo entering this nation by ignoring the 9/11 Commission recommendations!

    Next topic…

    Democrats are “tax and spend”, “anxious to raise taxes”, etc., all in comparison to the self-aggrandizing claims by this administration and Republican majority about having “cut taxes”.

    Hypocrisy again.

    This administration and Republican majority has with great public fanfair with one hand cut the taxes (mostly for the wealthest among us as we all know) while with the other hand, very quietly and obscured from public view borrowed staggering amounts of money from potential enemies like China to pay for everything there isn’t enough money in the treasury to pay for because the tax “cuts” have created a revenue shortfall.

    Worst of all, not enough taxes are being collected to pay off those gigantic loans.

    And don’t we all just know the Republicans (and talk show hosts such as yourself) can’t wait for the day to chastise and berate the Democrats if during one of their administrations or congressional majority taxes are raised to pay off the fiscal mess this administration and (former) Republican majority has made of things?

    Last topic…(this time)


    This is one of the greatest areas of hypocrisy of all when the Republicans accuse the Democrats of wanting open borders, amnesty, etc.

    Once again…not implementing the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations came during the Republicans’ watch…and has allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to enter this country.

    Worse…currently and without the consent or oversight of Congress, this administration is pushing hard to set up a what some are referring to as a North American Trade Union (similiar to the EU), which will allow trucks and trains from Mexico to cross our southern borders checked only by Mexican police and border guards.

    Talk about “soft on terrorism” and “soft on immigration”…

    Pushing hard to arrange an unsupervised virtual “super highway” from Texas straight up to the Canadian border by anyone who has a buck to bribe a Mexican border guard to let a truck or train loaded with who knows what…all with the blessing of big-business America (Republican centered?)…what utter hypocrisy to keep saying the Democrats are “soft on terrorism”, soft on immigration with this kind of abuse of executive power.

    I didn’t mention several things you also usually talk about…the charge of “cut and run”, “not supporting the troops”, etc., all of which are just as hypocritical as the above when a “fair and balanced” accounting of all the facts are considered. Those topics are for for another post.

    Oh…remember your “Air Pelosi” article earlier in this board? I didn’t see any retractions by you or the congressional representatives you so prominently quoted…given that Madam Speaker had absolutely nothing to do in making those arrangements. Again, hypocrisy.

    Remember the missing 10 billion in cash sent to Iraq…and lost Shaun? I don’t hear any condemnation of the Republican majority that created that fiasco on your radio show or see it anywhere here in this little arena of your.

    Neither Democrat nor Republican, not for abortion, not for gay marriage, not for big government be I…but an American citizen taking very seriously the terrible mess the current administration and Republican majority have saddled not only us with but also our children’s children’s children’s future.

    It’s fine (and American) to have differences of political opinion and stake out positions regarding same, defend them, discuss them, but not with the disingenous hypocrisy I so often hear from you and Rush.

    When we start hearing you criticize either side of the isle that isn’t acting in America’s best interest instead of the usual bombastic rancid partisian politics heard daily on your show (and in this forum)…that will be a welcomed change, a change those of us who don’t “hate” you (as you so often speculate)…but who don’t like the one-sided, often blatent misrepresentation the fact (a.k.a. the Air Pelosi thing) that we hear every day listening to your broadcast and reading in this forum.

  9. Mark Gardner says:

    Dude… What are you talking about?
    Shaun has a radio show? Who knew? When is it on? I need to get my talking points.

    Shaun has been plenty critical of RINO’s in the past. This post is about Shaun putting away the keyboard for his new role. He’s always responded to all charges and accusations in the past on this site. I’m sorry it took you soooooo long to find it. There are plenty of other VA blogs that will respond to you charges.

    Thanks again Shaun for all your hard work.

  10. Grrr82CU2 says:

    “As I listened to your radio broadcast this afternoon (Feb 23) on my way home…”

    My mistake…it was Sean Hannity, which at the time because of weak signal I thought the commentator was identifying himself as Shaun Kenney. Since I have been reading material in this board which closely parallels Mr. Hannity’s invectives against the Democrats, Liberals, Pelosi, etc., I thought at the time I was listening to Mr. Kenney. Apologies to the board and Mr. Kenney.

    Error having been acknowledge, however, the kind of unrepentant posts like “Air Pelosi” earlier in this board (unrepentant in the face of absolute contradicting facts) most of what I said remains a valid criticism. The terrible mess the previous congressional Republican majority and continued mistakes of this president have done to put this country in danger is inexcusable and an abandonment of Republican values.

    We are running on empty, our military is strained badly so that any new crisis requiring extensive ground forces would result in only a weak response. We are now a debtor nation of almost unparallel dimensions awash in red ink and upside down balance of trade deficits. The middle class is continuing to experience implosion towards poverty class due to “outsourcing” while corporate executives are paid obscene bonus often for only mediocre performances.

    Dubya (read “Duped-ya”) ran on “I’m a uniter, not a divider”. I can think of no president in this nation’s history that has been more divisive (no, not even Clinton nor Nixon). A few very good Republicans in the mix in the last congress and now to be sure but we are a wounded nation, deeply divided, and worst of all…American prestige has never been lower worldwide in modern day history thanks to decisions by this man and his “administrative team”.

    That is what you should be discussing and what to do about it.

    How about everyone coming together, albeit retaining our individual belief’s, but trying to solve things a way that transcends partisan politics instead of flaming the Democrats in a political feeding frenzy that only shouts a lack of accurate knowledge such as the one on “Air Pelosi”? That would be a start…and if the Democrats don’t perform as the Republicans should have, they too will be gone. Both sides of the isle need to have listened to the last election (as should all of you instead of “remaining on message”) that the employer is still the American People!

    So Shaun, in that spirit of all of us coming together to solve the terrible place we find ourselves in as a nation (and in view of “my mistake” that it was Sean Hannity and not you that aroused my need to blog in your space)…Happy Trails:)

  11. Grrr82CU2 says:

    Since I am withdrawing from posting in this board, and this is the only place I can enter this concern…I appeal to each of you to raise your voices to try and stop this before it contributes unnecessarily to many more body bags and flag-drapped coffins:

    POSTED, CNN: 10:33 p.m. EST, February 26, 2007

    “WASHINGTON (AP) Rushed by President Bush’s decision to reinforce Baghdad with thousands more U.S. troops, two Army combat brigades are skipping their usual session at the Army’s special training range in California.”

    The desert training was designed specially to prepare soldiers for the challenges of Iraq.

    “Army officials say the two brigades will be as ready as any others that deploy to Iraq, even though they will not have the benefit of training in counterinsurgency tactics at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, which has been outfitted to simulate conditions in Iraq for units that are heading there on yearlong tours.”

    The troops will be as “…ready as any others that deploy to Iraq, even though they will not have the benefit of training in counterinsurgency tactics???

    They must really think we are all really stupid out here to believe that. This is like sending a new pilot to solo without the benefit of first flying for some time with a flight instructor. Ready? I don’t think so…

    …this simply cannot be allowed to happen and each of us should speak up immediately to try and stop this. It’s as bad as sending our men and women into combat without proper being properly protected personally and in their vehicles as was done at the beginning of this mess.

  12. Mark Gardner says:

    I’m sure that Shaun would be somewhat happy to be compared to Hannity, they do have a striking resemblance.

    I’m also sure that most people aren’t reading what your writing, because for most purposes Shaun is currently not posting here. There are plenty of VA blogs still going, and you opinion would be welcome, but this is not the forum.

    In previous posts Shaun would have responded to you, just as he always did. Sadly, that is not longer going to be the case.

    This is the forum to congratulate Shaun on his new position based on his hard work, and thank him for the discussion he brought to the VA blogasphere.

  13. grrr82cu2 says:

    Mark Gardner said: “This is the forum to congratulate Shaun on his new position based on his hard work, and thank him for the discussion he brought to the VA blogasphere.”

    No need to further admonish regarding the intent of the “Swan Song” topic and my intrusion therein. Apology has been extended.

    With all due respect, however, the issue of my last post should transcend all other concerns and be acted upon.

  14. Jason Kenney says:

    Shaun Kenney was on the air yesterday with “Charlottesville—Right Now!” yesterday.


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