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Men at Work: It's a Mistake

Reposted only because I can’t possibly believe song this lost Virtucon’s Friday Night Video Fights download nailbomb proud commit comercial suicide : Colin Hay is still producing some quality work, but you can’t beat this for the memories.

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USAToday's Candidate Match Game

Now I won’t tell you how I scored… but I was a bit surprised at the results. Take our own shot at the quiz and feel free to post your results in the comments below (and whether the results surprised … Continue reading


Barticles: The RK Brain-Teaser Challenge

Bart Hinkle over at the RTD effortlessly destroys the logicians at Raising Kaine, which in turn quickly enfeebles themselves with a response: In other words, when the Republicans start attacking the freedom of minority groups that aren’t well represented in … Continue reading

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Vandals destroy glass monument to 'Che' in Venezuela

Sic Semper Tyrannis… and I hope it cost a fortune to make that monument, too.

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WaPo: Vultures Are Circling Over Distressed Properties

Kenneth Harney over at the WaPo discusses grave dancers, or businesses who swoop in and buy once overpriced homes for $0.50 on the dollar: Subprime mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures are swelling those numbers significantly, he said, along with plunging prices … Continue reading

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Bacon's Rebellion: What Bobby Jindal Means for Virginia

An excellent post by Jim Bacon, given the fact that Jindal’s gubernatorial bid was so heavily attacked for his conservativism — and for being Catholic (true item: the Louisiana Democrats actually ran ads attacking and distorting his religious beliefs, which … Continue reading

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I Heart Zappos

Not a sucker for sap stories, this one was pretty darned good . Zappos appears to be a online shoe company. Never heard of them myself, but this is the kind of customer service story that deserves your business.

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Tech Bubble 2.0

Believe it: The surge in the perceived value of some start-ups has even surprised some entrepreneurs who are benefiting from it. A year ago, Yahoo invested in Right Media, a New York company developing an online advertising network. Yahoo’s investment … Continue reading

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BBC: CIA man recounts Che Guevara’s death

Fascinating article about Che Guevara’s last moments: Felix Rodriguez received the order from the Bolivian military high command. There was a simple code: 500 meant Che Guevara, 600 dead, 700 alive. 500 – 600 was the command. Mr Rodriguez wanted … Continue reading

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Virtucon: Coincidence or a sign?

Yes, yes. Correlation is not proof of causality. But the coincidence is remarkable, especially given the event.

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