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Virginia’s State Song?

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Reagan’s GOP

Former Senator Marty Williams …is blogging. Seems like the blogosphere is (quickly) becoming the repository for former elected officials, though I’d really hope this is a sign of “red meat” posting, rather than efforts to keep names floating for the … Continue reading


CNET: Windows XP outshines Vista in benchmarking test

Heh. Now if Linux could ever run games properly…

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Roanoke Red Zone

Former State Senator Brandon Bell… is blogging! Bell kicks off by kicking Jim Gilmore, and then by talking about how to bring conservatives and moderates centrists together: This new leadership team would seem to signify the end of the long … Continue reading

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The Dilbert Blog: Going Forward

I hoped that people who loved the blog would spill over to people who read Dilbert, and make my flagship product stronger. Instead, I found that if I wrote nine highly popular posts, and one that a reader disagreed with, … Continue reading

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Security, Freedom, and the Reagan-Goldwater Era

Patrick Ruffini has an excellent post on the Ron Paul candidacy and what it means for lowercase-l libertarians: Mainstream Republican libertarians might be gung-ho for Paul’s small-government idealism, they might adopt Glenn Reynoldsish skepticism of the homeland security bureaucracy, and … Continue reading

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Yet another SWAC blog, this time with a catchy name. Worth a peek if you’re in and around Augusta County.

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It's Morning in Virginia

New blog covering central and western Virginia . Give ’em a look (and some encouragement).

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One Laptop Per Child

By now, you’ve probably seen all those $399 laptop specials floating around the Wal-Marts and websites of the world. For the same price, not only can you get a pretty darned solid Linux laptop, but give one to a child … Continue reading

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NYT: As Democrats See Security Gains in Iraq, Tone Shifts

Gee, go figure.

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