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TIME: The Morality Quiz

Most people answer these wrong. How so? Because they are all different versions of lifeboat ethics. Essentially, the scenarios present situations where the few or one must die in order to save the many. Many people choose the lesser evil … Continue reading

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RWL: It is very depressing (but hardly surprising)…

D.J. McGuire effortlessly destroys an argument over at Democratic Central that the GAO “withheld” information regarding the surge. Go check it out. Of course, Democratic Central isn’t exactly the hub for all things Democratic… it’s central as in Central Virginia … Continue reading

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Now At The Podium: Sarkozy 1, Old Socialist Ways 0

Phil Chroninger has the scoop.

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Goodbye, Modern Music!

Hello Gregorian Chant! Pope Benedict XVI is bringing back the tradition of Gregorian chant at the Vatican in a long-standing dispute regarding new and differing styles of music during the Mass. Pope John Paul the Great favored the new styles … Continue reading

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Party of the Rich? Not Whom You’d Think…

According to the WaTi via the Heritage Foundation, if you live in the top one-third of America’s wealthiest Congressional districts, chances are you’re represented by a Democrat. The article goes into how this new shift in demographics is altering the … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

While the battle between Virginia and Massachusetts continues for claim to the first Thanksgiving (and as any good student of Virginia history will tell you, Virginia wins), the WaPo’s Brigid Schulte logs in another chapter in the long simmering debate: … Continue reading

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FT: Fears of slowdown in US hit markets

A good indicator that the United States is still driving the global economy, though for how much longer is a real question. The good news? It may give us a chance to firm up the sagging dollar. Bad news? Will … Continue reading

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SR-71: Now, That Was Some Airplane

Great article about the SR-71 Blackbird: In seconds, we can see nothing but the expansive blue of the Mediterranean. I realize that I still have my left hand full-forward and we’re continuing to rocket along in maximum afterburner. The TDI … Continue reading

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Mises Institute: Protectionist Rhetoric Will Accelerate the Dollar's Slide

Great article making the argument trade deficits may not be such a bad thing, and why protectionism is the worst thing we could do to the American dollar.

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SST: Hinkle Gets Most of it Right

Norm Leahy’s excellent addition to Bart Hinkle’s opinion piece on Kaine’s repeal of abstinence education: If he (Kaine) is truly interested in restraining state spending in the face of a modest short fall, her should also take his budget knife … Continue reading

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