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Economist’s View: Life after Peak Oil

click here follow prednisone pill size essays of mice and men gcse enter site source levitra 20mg dosage thesis services research paper on teenage drug abuse resume and salary requirement college essays to buy go to link essay on price rise in gujarati buy online online viagra viagra essay autism children go to site get link enter essays on stereotyping in media purple pharmacy prices prezzi viagra in farmacia essay in modern unhomely essay on american scenery cole conflict analysis essay example Read this: Study of the long economic history of the world suggests two things, however. Cheap fossil fuels actually explain little of how we got rich since the Industrial Revolution. And after an initial period of painful adaptation, we can … Continue reading

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Old and Busted: Mortgage Crisis. New Hotness? Credit Card Crisis!

This article from the Associated Press outlines the new credit crisis, this time of credit card debt. Nevermind the fearmongering from an industry smelling blood in the water after Bush’s bailout of the mortgage lenders, this is one that just … Continue reading

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RWL: Time (once again) to dispel some myths about Afghanistan

D.J. McGuire does it effortlessly.

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CRFV: "Harry Reid Makes We Republicans Look Like Hawkings-Level Geniuses"

Heh .

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Former PM Tony Blair Converts To Catholicism

As reported by SkyNews, former Britsh Prime Minister Tony Blair has made his conversion to Roman Catholicism official: He said: “For a long time he has been a regular worshipper at Mass with his family and in recent months he … Continue reading

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In 2007!

With no apologies to Billy Joel… Probably the best thing that JibJab has done in awhile, with gratuitous ad afterwards from Ahnold.

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BLACK VELVET BRUCE LI : The Story Behind The Story (Or Why This Is Not the Hill to Die On)

So let me get this straight. The best answer we have against the Washington Post’s erratic and monopolistic reporting is, “ur reporter iz teh ghey”? Let’s say Tim Craig gets sacked tomorrow (ain’t happening, but let’s say). What happens? The … Continue reading


The Mason Conservative: Huckabee And Catholics

Confirming earlier suspicions, Huckabee is more than happy to lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas… or in this case, anti-Catholic bigots: I have nothing personally against Mike Huckabee, he seems like a nice guy and a good … Continue reading


Who Has the Oil?

Better Title: Why Energy Independence is a Strategic Imperative, Not an Option. (h/t to Andrew Sullivan)

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First Things: The Celebrity-Industrial Complex

Jonathan Last over at the newly-christened First Things Blog talks about the hubbub over Jamie Lynn Spears: 13 game of death dvdrip Jamie Lynn announced the news on Tuesday and the celebrity-industrial complex went into overdrive. Some of the stories … Continue reading

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