So You Want To Play Violin (Again)….

Guess what I got for Christmas?

I used to play violin when I was younger, though not extremely well. Still, being able to play a musical instrument is one of those things that every cultured individual should be able to do (speaking or reading at least one other language is also in this category).

So after some months of waffling between a guitar or picking back up the violin, I went with something familiar… and unique.

Surprisingly, I tuned it right up using the piano in the living room as a guide, as was barely able to squeak out “Good King Wenceslas” much to the consternation of Marie. It’s not encouraging when your one-year old daughter buries her head in sheets and pillows to get away from the screeching of a poorly played instrument.

Nevertheless, I am undaunted. I have all my old books, and am committing myself to at least 30min of practice every evening. If I get any good, I’ll share!

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3 Responses to So You Want To Play Violin (Again)….

  1. Doogman says:

    Hey, that’s GREAT! Violin is a good choice!

  2. Shaun Kenney says:

    The devil’s instrument! Of course, my fingers are more for piano than they are for violin… which makes my form a bit of an issue.

    That having been said, I’ll make it happen. I’ve been mulling this decision for a few years at this point (more of a “gee, wish I had kept playing violin” sort of deal).

  3. Jason Kenney says:

    You shoulda picked up the guitar. We could have gone on the road…

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