Where the Government Spends Your Money

Here’s the 2007 statistics. Note the cost of entitlements (Unemployment and Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security):

That’s 58% of the federal budget… not counting the billions spent on the U.S. Department of Education.

Anyone else willing to make the argument that we need more government?

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2 Responses to Where the Government Spends Your Money

  1. riverbird says:

    first, remember this is a gwBush budget.

    second, why don’t you finish your homework and check the full numberes and quit being suggesetively misleading. i.e. education os about 90 Billion, about 3%, so quit pretending it’s huge. also, the military budget is closer to 700 B, not the 550 that shows up.

    again, finish your homework.

  2. Amused at the Propoganda says:

    Exactly, the Defense budget does not include the actual war nor “testing” nor military retirement benefits etc.. Last year the “budget” was 700Billion the spend was a Trill….

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