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Read this: Shane Cole Lilly was playing games at the Chuck E. Cheese’s in Hampton when he spotted a large wad of cash on the floor. He picked it up and immediately asked a nearby man if he had dropped … Continue reading

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gongblog: Comparative Histograms of World Economic Powers


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Fred Thompson Campaign Post-Mortem

Jon Henke discusses what went right; what went wrong.


Democratic Central: Mark Warner has competition

watch no man s land the rise of reeker in divx The competition’s name? Jilian Modica, whose website offers a YouTube video that Democratic Central summarizes thusly: He has a YouTube video — the message is that because he fell … Continue reading

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Rule .303: A Society that Builds, Has.

Interesting read from Jack Landers. Of course, I would immediately question why I am being overtaxed as it is, but who am I to quibble when wealth redistribution runs amok! Personally, I stand to collect $2400 in this new schematic. … Continue reading

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March for Life

Tens of thousands of people descend upon Washington D.C. On the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Number of lines in the WaPo pre-gaming the March? Zero. In fact, if you read through the WaPo this morning, one would never … Continue reading


Making the Dream a Reality

Via comes this post on twelve practical ways to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream a reality. On the personal side, my kids are starting to notice that some folks have darker skin than they do. It’s mitigated … Continue reading

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Three Minutes of Culture

You deserve it, right? (h/t to Barticles)

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Roanoke Red Zone: The Case Against Governor Kaine’s Pre-K Program

donkey punch divx movie online Read this: The current Pre-K program is plagued with problems. According to the Roanoke Times, schools are having difficulty filling the spots currently available–up to 1/3 are unfilled. Many school districts can’t afford to pay … Continue reading

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From On High: May Not Be What It Appears…

Jerry Fuhrman comes at us From On High with this shocking revelation: how many of Perriello’s potential constituents does that represent? How many people from the 5th District have written checks to his campaign? Well, I did some checking … … Continue reading

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