WaPo: The Case For Cowher

Finally, a candidate we can all rally around (and no apologies for the terrible PS job).

Read on, as the WaPo’s Redskins Insider speculated two weeks ago:

So, from what I can gather so far, and we’re way early in this process, Williams and Cowher are the names to watch. People around the league have told me that Snyder and his people soured on Gregg after the 2007 season – it’s usually hot today, not tomorrow around here – and were somewhat lukewarm at midseason, but became big fans again down the stretch, particularly after the Minnesota game. Still, these guys think indications point toward Cowher.

Cowher for Head Coach!

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One Response to WaPo: The Case For Cowher

  1. Gardner says:

    If Cowher becomes head coach, then MAYBE even I can become a redskins fan (behind the Stillers of course).

    The problem, as I see it, is the Cowher told his daughter that he wouldn’t coach while she was in high school. Next year will be her senior year.

    If only Gibbs had fulfilled his contract, it would have created the perfect storm.

    Snyder has two decisions:
    1. Sign a ‘coach’, then fire him after a year to get Cowher – who will come for all the money (everyone does)
    2. Sign a coach long term and hope it works out.

    Either way, until Snyder gets his hand out of free agent players and begins drafting, they’ll never win a SB.

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