Does the Obama Bandwagon Stop Here?

As I’m watching (sort of) the Wisconsin and Washington primary results via Politico, I can’t help but look ahead at Ohio and Pennsylvania — both with double-digit leads for Hillary.

Obama will more than likely carry Wisconsin tonight. But with that win, the wave has all the momentum it can carry. Does it crash against the rocks the Clinton’s have built as a firewall?

I say yes. Obama needs a win in Ohio or Pennsylvania to knock this one out. Otherwise, the heavyweight in this race is going to put “Comeback Girl” above the fold of every newspaper in America in a week or two.

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One Response to Does the Obama Bandwagon Stop Here?

  1. Gardner says:

    I think that she’ll win both Ohio and Pennsylvania. I think they are ‘northeast’ enough for her. I think her message will resonate better. I think her demographics will stay with her and are strong. Plus these are more Dem only primaries.

    PA is closed to Indi’s but you have till March 22 to change. Wonder if Obama is pushing in PA for Indi’s to change registration.

    Ohio seems to be odd as the voter must vote in primary of same party as the voter participated in last primary election. Not sure how enforceable that is.

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