Political Pornography?

Courtesy of the Hillary Clinton campaign, that’s precisely what we have here.

The photo is one of Obama in traditional Somali dress. The insinuation is the reader’s to decide.

Oddly enough, one gets the feeling (as a Republican anyhow) that many of us are rushing to the defense of Obama more and more often — not because we see his politics as worthwhile, but because the electorate as a whole is tired of the cynicism, the false alarm, and the constant state of panic the Clinton-style politicos tend to cultivate.

This is pointless, though those from the “politics of personal destruction” school are sure to be humored. Sheesh.

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One Response to Political Pornography?

  1. Anne says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this photo. It’s not uncommon for distinguished visitors to don the local attire out of respect to their hosts. For example, Laura Bush was photographed wearing a mantilla at the Vatican, even though she is clearly not a Roman Catholic.

    Hillary Clinton has gotten catty and shrill about Barack Obama lately. I saw a snippet of her quacking about his campaign on the news last night and I just had to change the channel. I guess she can see that the nomination may well be swiped from her well-manicured talons.

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