VJP: Cuccinelli budget amendment passes thanks to Colgan

Courtesy of Vivian Paige, we hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth about Democratic party discipline:

OK, but if the D majority doesn’t act like one, what good does it do?

Comments about irony and just desserts aside, Colgan took a principled stand. After Kaine yanked abstinence funding due to a “budget shortfall”, it only stands to reason that Planned Parenthood of Virginia funding should go with it.

Of course, the question is whether or not the House and Senate conferees will have the courage to stick to their guns… or whether the Senate Democrats will prove themselves hypocrites on which special interests get to line up to the government trough.

Time will indeed tell

UPDATE: Craig’s Musings doesn’t quite appreciate the comparison of special interest funding on the right and special interest funding on the left:

The difference between the two is, not that it would matter to social conservatives like Kenn[e]y, that study after study has shown that the abstinence only sex education programs don’t work where as Planned History has decades of proven results.

Craig doesn’t say what those “proven results” of Planned Parenthood really are (nor does he offer evidence to support his claims), but “results” such as fewer abortions, more economic opportunity, and less government spending really aren’t benchmarks amongst the extreme left.

Of course, more “results” sadly translates into more abortions — particularly amongst lower class and minority women. Some might coldly assess this as a positive, but most reasonable people understand that society’s answer to poverty and lack of opportunity shouldn’t be a set of forceps held by an abortionist.

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  1. LoudounConservative says:

    Not to mention that abstinence education does work and the study of Virginia’s abstinence education verifies that: http://www.teen-aid.org/01JanFeb0608Weed1FINAL.pdf.

    Environmental influences do need to be accounted for. Every study shows that parents have the greatest influence on teen sexual behavior. So, abstinence education in schools tends to have a greater effect where family influences affirm the value of sexual integrity to their teenagers. Nonetheless, one thing that we know doesn't work is telling teens that they can't help themselves and should wear a condom. That's a sure fire recipe for pregnancy & disease.

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