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FLS: To the rescue comes Dirty Dick Wadhams!

music essays essay potna wikipedia watch source url cbest writing topic essay sample definition essay courage viagra cuanto cuesta argentina levitra no me hace efecto coreg levitra free diabetes research paper canada drug store viagra crestor rpice get link industrial thesis amoxicillin clavulanate 1000 mg side effects argumentative essay education example essay on personal ethics source site il viagra alle donne prednisone dosing analytical essay have dream speech go First he destroys the political career of George Allen, now Wadhams uses the Colorado GOP establishment to destroy Colorado’s right to work laws — among other initiatives trying to get on the ballot. The headline? Original to the Fredericksburg Free … Continue reading

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Solar furnaces

Via I bring you SOLAR FURNACES! C’mon… you know you want one.


Im Not Emeril: Three Strikes, You're A Racist!

Great post over at Im Not Emeril , reminding folks that words do in fact mean things: A fine writer and friend of mine once compared written words and phrases to a baseball and its pitcher. My friend wrote, “Baseball … Continue reading

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Wow… Hillary WASN'T Lying…

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SkepticalObservor: GWB's War Safer Than A Democrat CinC

Suprise surprise… the Clinton era consisted of 14,000 deaths amongst members of the U.S. military, compared to over 7,000 deaths in the Bush 43 era: Now, since the number of dead members of America’s armed services aren’t and can’t really … Continue reading

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We Should Withdraw From Augusta and Albemarle Counties…

Because clearly, if we can’t secure I-64 from terrorists we are just wasting lives and money, as James Joyner of OTB explains: My initial reaction was a snark about how we should pull our forces out of Virginia, since we’re … Continue reading

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CNET: Windows XP vs. Vista vs. Linux

The definitive story , one with which I by and large agree: Mike Ricciuti of CNET says Windows XP is “doomed” and that “most of us will likely be using Vista sometime in the near future” (see Microsoft: All roads … Continue reading

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Congratulations Sean O'Brien and Bob Gibson!

From Rick Sincere comes the news that Sean O’Brien will be heading up the Montpelier-based Center for the Constitution, while Bob Gibson will be moving in as the new Executive Director of the Sorenson Institute. little miss sunshine movie May … Continue reading

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I'm Not Dead Yet

Everyone remembers the Monty Python sketch, but this example of a “brain dead” patient getting ready to be terminated hits a little bit closer to home: Dunlap said one thing he does remember is hearing the doctors pronounce him dead. … Continue reading

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Downloading is Genocide

Filmmaking clearly does not require a logic class… but as anyone who has watched those mind-numbingly annoying MPAA videos knows, clearly it is not required for protecting marketing rights and copyright laws, either.

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