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Your Three Minutes of Civilization

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What We Are Doing to the Blogosphere

I mean, it’s true? Right?


Bionic Eye

Now this is cool! I wonder at which point you consider the cyborg argument though… rohtenburg movie

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For Just One Day, I Am a Barack Obama Fan

Of course he was giving her the one-fingered salute. Hillary deserves it. Republicans have been offering it to her since 1993. (h/t to Below The Beltway)

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Save the GOP: McCain Calls for Suspension of Federal Gas Tax

That would mean an $0.184/gallon tax break for every working family in America. Gas up twice a week at 15 gallons? You’d likely save over $66 this summer. Go on vacation? Gas up more often? Well… your tax break becomes … Continue reading


Roanoke Red Zone: Phone Booth Republicans

Brandon Bell makes a fair point, and D.J. McGuire brings it full circle with the way western and eastern Virginians define what is important. But I want to bring Bell’s finer point to light, because it’s worth mentioning: Anyone who … Continue reading


The Write Side of My Brain: DPVA reveals new logo

Hilarious. Or absolutely embarassing. (h/t to TWSoMB) download flyboys the dvdrip

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Politico: Pope's visit renews abortion debate

About time, though sadly some pro-abortion Catholics are intent and focused on receiving (and thereby politicizing) the Eucharist. It’s sad, really…

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SMH: Don’t Be Evil or don’t lose value?

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald brings up a question that is often debated but rarely as focused upon as it would be in any other organization… except Google: Some have interpreted the ceaseless criticisms of Google’s privacy policies and its co-operation … Continue reading

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Mike Farris is heading up, an effort to protect the child-parent relationship from the long arm of the government: Only a constitutional amendment will ensure that the courts of our nation protect the fundamental right of parents to raise … Continue reading

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