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Economy grows at medium pace

go site simple essay about sports day get link cialis generic rx source link does one day cialis work sports research paper topics go here watch click literature coursework help buy viagra with master card follow link andy levitra oregon state parks scholarship essay tips cost for resume writing service source site biomedical alliance ervaring viagra online follow site essay on work ethic thesis binding durham nc k pa viagra apoteket see url cialis und herz So sayeth Reuters : Revised data from the Commerce Department released with the second-quarter figures on Thursday showed national output shrank in the final quarter of 2007 before barely edging up at the start of this year. “With the boost … Continue reading

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Ironic Sans: 50 States in 10 Minutes

I got all 50 states with 5:19 to spare. Stupid keyboard.


Is Cuil Immune to Google-Bombing?

A cursory look at it signals yes. Breitbart has an article here on the new search engine developed by ex-Google employees, and this one genuinely looks different. For a legitimate look at the web, Cuil may very well be the … Continue reading

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The Roanoke Times is absolutely right

What about this is wrong? Journalists, real journalists, follow strict rules about conflicts of interest. They do not take money or gifts from groups they might cover. They also maintain a wall between news, opinion and advertising functions. That is … Continue reading

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Democratic Central: What Einstein knew about cell phones

The answer? That they don’t cause cancer. I really like Democratic Central. They’re factual, they’re not just about Virginia politics, the articles are well written and well researched, and most of all they’re close to home and don’t kow-tow to … Continue reading

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Gallup Daily: Obama 49%, McCain 40%

…in a poll amongst registered votes, not likely voters. home of phobia aka freshman orientation divx online RealClearPolls puts the two candidates at an aggregate 5 point difference, of which the recent Gallup is an outlier. Polls showing likely voters … Continue reading

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Raising Kaine: Why Are We Executing People in Virginia?

A rarity here: a Raising Kaine two-fer, this time regarding the death penalty and Tim Kaine’s Catholicism: Tim Kaine, of course, is – by his own description – a deeply religious Roman Catholic, a former Catholic missionary no less. And … Continue reading


Raising Kaine: Virginia Bloggers Who Make Money

I’m looking sharp on RK, not on the topic of paid bloggers, but “bloggers who make money” and continue their craft. The short list: *Shaun Kenney (Shaun Kenney): RPV, Bob Marshall for Senate *Jon Henke (Q&O): George Allen for Senate, … Continue reading


FIRST THINGS: The Anniversary of Humanae Vitae

Joseph Bottom at FIRST THINGS talks about the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae . The encyclical — which outlines the Catholic Church’s position on abortion and contraception — is fundamental to understanding why Catholics believe what they believe on pro-life … Continue reading

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Leslie Carbone: New Series on Writing Good Well

Leslie Carbone is gearing up for a tutorial on writing well . It’s a rarity, to be sure.

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