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Episode 33. Virginia Politics On-Demand

Jim Hoeft and I talk about all things Virginia politics on the weekly VPOD podcast , PTI style.

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Fimian Launches New Website

Here’s the text: FAIRFAX, VA – In a statement issued today, 11th District Congressional Candidate Keith Fimian announced the release of his new campaign website. “This is one campaign that technology will not leave behind,” Fimian said. “The internet is … Continue reading

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The American Scholar: The Disadvantages of an Elite Education

There is a line in a book I am reading (The Road to Monticello) that reflects on how Thomas Jefferson chose an education over a college degree, and did not continue attending William and Mary. William Deresiewicz reflect on a … Continue reading

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Hot Seat: Who Will McCain Pick?

Eric Cantor makes the top four — vote NOW!

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IHT: Obama's choice of site for speech splits Germans

I was wondering when this problem was going to be raised: Rainer Brüderle, deputy leader of the opposition Free Democrats, said Obama’s advisers had little idea of the historical significance of the Victory Column. ‘It was the symbol of German … Continue reading


RWL: Warner spent the rent

D.J. McGuire blasts a hole in Warner’s legacy, doing the grunt research/reporting one used to expect out of the MSM: The numbers are mind-boggling. The extra $1.5 billion for FY05-06 is more than Warner’s entire tax hike. Over the entire … Continue reading

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Waldo Jaquith: On Amtrak.

Waldo Jaquith offers his thoughts on Amtrak , and I commented enough on the post to make it sufficiently my own. Personally, if we could make rail work in America, I’d ride. Unfortunately, we’d need a level of planning that … Continue reading

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Politico: Dobson to flip-flop on McCain

No shocker here: Dobson said on the radio program he must consider McCain’s record against abortion rights and support for smaller government, and added McCain ‘seems to understand the Muslim threat.’ He also indicated McCain’s choice of a running mate … Continue reading

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Sun Versus Wind: SPAM in SWACistan?

I wonder what Blog Net News’ influence rankings would have to say about this? Short version: Linking over and over again to a specific blog posts is a quick way to up your Google rating. It’s called “Google bombing” and … Continue reading



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