I Desire One of These (Above All Things)

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7 Responses to I Desire One of These (Above All Things)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Looks like a standard Skid-Steer loader with some kind of Tree-eater attachment.

  2. Shaun Kenney says:

    How much do one of these bad boys run?

    … or to rent one?

  3. Jason Kenney says:

    Rent two. I’ll race you.

  4. Doogman says:

    Boy, THAT will come in handy at the DNC… 😀 Come on… ya know ya were thinkin it.

  5. ludusarian says:

    Race? I can see it now…

    “2 Die in Ammusing Accident.”

  6. Jason Kenney says:

    So amusing it needed two M’s!

    I figured two Kenney’s per machine, we could make it a big ol’ thing at the next family gathering. After the road bowling but before the bonfire. The Kenney Olympics!

  7. Jonathan says:

    The headline woud likely be more like:

    “Darwin finally catches up with Kenney Bros; Family not surprised”

    I know VDOT gets our Skid-steers from John Deere or Komatsu. No idea on the cost for purchase or rental. We just teach field folks how to operate them

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