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RWL: Sales tax hike (in both chambers) moves to center stage

D.J. McGuire is raising the red flag on the sales tax hike in the General Assembly; some good news, some bad news: The good news:  Delegate Christopher Peace (R-97th, which includes a precinct or two in my home county of … Continue reading

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Too Conservative: A Look at the AG Race

In part one of the look, pseudonymous VA Blogger destroys the idea Cuccinelli is “too conservative” for the job, namely with Brownlee’s own rhetoric: So according to the Brownlee campaign and their supporters, Ken Cuccinelli is too conservative to get … Continue reading


House GOP: Back In The Saddle Again

Currently in the U.S. Senate there are 57 ‘aye’ votes, with Democrats Bayh, Brown, and Gillebrand and Republican Martinez having not voted.  If the three Democrats vote in favor of the $787 billion stimulus package, it is certain to head … Continue reading

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12-Year Old Speaks Out on Abortion

People ask whether or not I really believe this generation has the will to end abortion. This lady may be one voice in a sea of thousands, but it will be voices such as these that end abortion in this … Continue reading


NRO Campaign Spot: Loose Twits Sink Shifts

RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick has successfully scuttled a potential GOP coup in the Virginia Senate : Jeff Frederick, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and Member of the House of Delegates, via Twitter: “Apparently one dem is either switching … Continue reading

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Gripes Go UP!

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Save the GOP: Graham Lets Loose on Boxer

Now this is entertainment. Senator Lindsey Graham’s rhetorical equivalent of a piledriver, right here: (h/t to Save the GOP )

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Bearing Drift: Smoking Ban Socialism

Jim Hoeft over at Bearing Drift lays the House Republicans out on the “compromise” smoking ban: The release detailed the legislation as banning smoking in nearly all restaurants across the Commonwealth, allowing narrow exceptions for private clubs and restaurants with … Continue reading