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WaPo: Deeds Castrates… Things…

ritalin and abilify go phd thesis on renewable energy pdf cheap viagra in india book is our life essay informal letter essay cheap reflective essay writing sites for college business dissertation essays in english for primary students boston chemical combination essay in mixture philosophy related science study source follow watch click nursing student's reflective essay on antepartum rotation how to get dapoxetine contract law essay questions and answers get link nexium bloating source site watch cheap analysis essay editor services for college cat bite bacteria augmentin go site how to start a compare and contrast essay examples bharathiar university phd admission essay how do i delete emails from my iphone 6 costo farmaci cialis …and as your next Governor, he will put that kind of experience to work for the Virginia economy? I kid you not — this was the “experience” that Deeds offered to Virginia’s farmers during a candidates forum today. Deeds is … Continue reading

2 Comments Forged letters to congressman anger local groups

Now this should anger you too. Seems as if a lobbying firm is astroturfing their grassroots in targeting Congressman Perriello: In a letter notifying Perriello’s office about the matter, Freilich said he was “offended” by Hegyi’s characterization of the forged … Continue reading

Leave a comment India plans to build 100 warships

This matters. India is showing a commitment to making the Indian Ocean their sphere of influence, a sphere that will be contested in the long run by the People’s Republic of China. 100 new ships, just to put it in … Continue reading

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Seth’s Blog: “All I do is work here”

FINALLY!  Something Seth Godin writes that I agree with! One person will email to ask me for a favor or a connection, and I’ll point out that just yesterday, I got three emails, all spam, from three different people at the … Continue reading

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Does Perriello Have the Hiccups?

OK, yes I’m about to make fun of the guy, but I couldn’t help but notice the sort of short breaths and quick-jerks back-and-to-the-right during the entire interview: What is this choppy stutter back and forth? The good congressman’s communication … Continue reading

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SurveyUSA: Republicans leading in all statewide races

This isn’t good news for the Dems, and you know it’s really bad when folks like Bob Holsworth are rattling the cages: (T)he Democrats will need to do a far better job in understanding and responding to the problems that … Continue reading

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First Pitch Breakdown

via First Pitch Breakdown.

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New Look?

Maybe… though I haven’t quite sold myself on it.  One thing is for certain — the days of blogging once every few days (weeks?) are over. What’s happened?  With the previous design, I thought I could get away with quality … Continue reading

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‘Double Dip’ Recession

Not entirely improbable, but given the fact that such a condition would cause a recession on it’s own merits, the idea of a “double dip” recession isn’t far fetched: A “perfect storm” of fiscal deficits, rising bond yields, “soaring” oil prices, … Continue reading

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Kindle = Kommunism

This says it all: As one of my readers noted, it’s like Barnes & Noble sneaking into our homes in the middle of the night, taking some books that we’ve been reading off our nightstands, and leaving us a check … Continue reading

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