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WaPo: Deeds Castrates… Things…

…and as your next Governor, he will put that kind of experience to work for the Virginia economy? I kid you not — this was the “experience” that Deeds offered to Virginia’s farmers during a candidates forum today. Deeds is … Continue reading

2 Comments Forged letters to congressman anger local groups

Now this should anger you too. Seems as if a lobbying firm is astroturfing their grassroots in targeting Congressman Perriello: In a letter notifying Perriello’s office about the matter, Freilich said he was “offended” by Hegyi’s characterization of the forged … Continue reading

Leave a comment India plans to build 100 warships

This matters. India is showing a commitment to making the Indian Ocean their sphere of influence, a sphere that will be contested in the long run by the People’s Republic of China. 100 new ships, just to put it in … Continue reading

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Seth’s Blog: “All I do is work here”

FINALLY!  Something Seth Godin writes that I agree with! One person will email to ask me for a favor or a connection, and I’ll point out that just yesterday, I got three emails, all spam, from three different people at the … Continue reading

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Does Perriello Have the Hiccups?

OK, yes I’m about to make fun of the guy, but I couldn’t help but notice the sort of short breaths and quick-jerks back-and-to-the-right during the entire interview: What is this choppy stutter back and forth? The good congressman’s communication … Continue reading

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SurveyUSA: Republicans leading in all statewide races

This isn’t good news for the Dems, and you know it’s really bad when folks like Bob Holsworth are rattling the cages: (T)he Democrats will need to do a far better job in understanding and responding to the problems that … Continue reading

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First Pitch Breakdown

via First Pitch Breakdown.

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New Look?

Maybe… though I haven’t quite sold myself on it.  One thing is for certain — the days of blogging once every few days (weeks?) are over. What’s happened?  With the previous design, I thought I could get away with quality … Continue reading

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‘Double Dip’ Recession

Not entirely improbable, but given the fact that such a condition would cause a recession on it’s own merits, the idea of a “double dip” recession isn’t far fetched: A “perfect storm” of fiscal deficits, rising bond yields, “soaring” oil prices, … Continue reading

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Kindle = Kommunism

This says it all: As one of my readers noted, it’s like Barnes & Noble sneaking into our homes in the middle of the night, taking some books that we’ve been reading off our nightstands, and leaving us a check … Continue reading

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