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So maybe — just maybe — the reporters at the WaPo are starting to feel just a teeny tiny bit silly. Silly enough so that maybe they need to throw Bob McDonnell a bone after running with the ridiculous thesis … Continue reading

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Geraghty: Drag McDonnell Down, Push Deeds Ahead

Jim Geraghty over at NRO’s Campaign Spot sums up the Deeds metastrategy nicely: After the Washington Post wrote about Bob McDonnell’s thesis on page A1 on Sunday, Deeds senior advisor Mo Elleithee in a blast e-mail Sunday, wrote “Please take a … Continue reading

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…and he’s serving up some premium, awesome, genuine, vintage Bacon: These three inter-related crises will define the politics and economy of Virginia and America for the next generation. Yet both candidates have framed their campaign issues in utterly conventional terms, … Continue reading

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Write Side: Separated at Birth?

OUCH. Still prefer the comparisons to Cooter than Mary Sue Terry.

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RTD: Deeds = Cooter?

Today’s Richmond Times Dispatch hits pretty hard: Veteran politicos have seen some very well-run campaigns in the commonwealth over the years, and some very poorly run campaigns. But perhaps not since Ben “Cooter” Jones tried to unseat 7th District Rep. … Continue reading

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Inside Higher Ed:

David Scobey over at Inside Higher Ed has a modest proposal to consider. In light of the demise of the mainstream print media, Scobey has noticed the rise of college professors as experts engaging in social media, and wonders whether … Continue reading

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Charlottesville to Regulate Yard Sales?

Having solved all the other problems of civil society, the busybodies of Charlottesville have now turned to the blight upon public order that is the yard sale, as the RTD’s Bart Hinkle explains: TO THEIR credit, some members of Charlottesville’s … Continue reading

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UK Economist Poll: Obama at 48%

Details here.

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Allen: Obama energy policies hurting Deeds

Former Virginia Governor George Allen points out the obvious: He called the carbon-reduction plan, which faces opposition from Republicans and at least 10 Democratic senators including Virginia’s Jim Webb, a “job killer” and an “attack on coal.” “Coal means jobs … Continue reading

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CNS: Ted Kennedy dies at 77

RIP, Senator.

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