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Tony Lee: Why the Deeds Campaign Isn’t Working

Excellent article on Deeds’ attempt to hit the reset overcharge button: Last week, Creigh Deeds attempted to reset a campaign many believe is staggering on the ropes.  His over-hyped and under delivered speech reminded me of the moment when Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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WaPo: House GOP Sends Hamilton to the Ethics Police

Nice to see the WaPo create the scandal before it’s determined on facts, but this was long overdue: Although the panel has 120 days to review the matter, Howell said he asked that the review occur as quickly as possible. … Continue reading


Key Backers Fleeing Warner?

Looks like the business community isn’t just fleeing Creigh Deeds alone.  Ben Davenport, a key supporter of pro-card check Senator Mark Warner, has just come out with an op-ed that is… well… pretty darned anti-card check: Generations ago, unions may … Continue reading

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Hail, Columbia!

There is a certain scene in HBO’s John Adams that I have always appreciated. It was not until recently that I discovered that “Hail, Columbia!” — the song sung in this scene — was the un-official national anthem of the … Continue reading

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Redesign Redux

Round fourteen… though I think I’ve finally found something that I can go with for a time.  The only catch are the blockquotes: Not sure I like the way these are done… but I’ll get over it. There are also … Continue reading


TWSomB: Dear no longer “Smart” Tag people

Sometimes, you just gotta vent: Let me be clear. We have three vehicles using E-ZPass. The transponders are in the same location they were when we entered the program. Our account is automatically debited every time we get below a … Continue reading

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American Mistra: Putting the Culture Back in the Culture Wars

Fascinating article on emphasizing culture when faced with counter-cultural attacks: Mistra was a tough nut to crack—holding out against the Ottomans seven years longer than Constantinople, finally falling in 1460. But the business of Mistra was more than just defense. … Continue reading

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WaPo: McDonnell by 15

The latest WaPo poll shows McDonnell with a 15 point lead among likely voters, 54 to 39. That vote narrows among registered (but not likely) voters to a seven point lead, 47 to 40.   Economy, health care, and education … Continue reading

Leave a comment Perriello wavers on health plan

Guess he got the message: Frank Kratovil and Tom Perriello, who as freshmen congressmen would be expected to back the party leadership, both say proposals for expanding coverage to the uninsured are un acceptable in their current form and should … Continue reading

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Brad Pitt for Mayor of New Orleans?

No, I don’t get into this nonsense often. And yes, I absolutely loathe the idea of celebrities running for public office based on their popularity rather than their ability. This, however, is truly one of the more noble efforts I’ve … Continue reading

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