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The McBollingNelli Broom Is Out

double negative logic hypothesis testing colcrys price hiring academic writers prednisone sleeping problems harga jual cialis gcse essay techniques free essay on mass media is cialis stronger than viagra generic shuangbao acura viagra side follow site sample chemistry cover letter can viagra harm sperm how to get cialis from canada how does viagra jelly work critical thinking goals source drugstore1st reviews source link go here here information on a medication called plavix proventil priming see sildenafil citrate women Much to the dismay of the journalists at the Washington Post, the top three GOP candidates aren’t just talking win… they’re talking sweep: It was Cuccinelli– introduced to the crowd as Ken “Don’t Tread on Me” Cuccinelli — who held … Continue reading

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Without question, I am watching this movie. A lot.

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Know Campaign Needs to Know Limits

Voting is a right and a privilege of sorts.  Sure, a right we should all exercise.  A privilege to a degree as well, because there are so precious few nations on the face of the earth whose social contracts permit just about … Continue reading

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Hind: “The Anglican experiment is over.”

This is tremendous news.  The Anglican Bishop of Chichester John Hind is openly considering a conversion to Catholicism: In a further blow to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s hopes of preventing the Anglican Communion from disintegrating, other bishops have cast doubt … Continue reading


Free Lance-Star Endorses McDonnell

This is no big surprise for anyone who has followed the FLS editorial board: Mr. McDonnell is articulate, certainly a virtue in leadership (recall George W. Bush’s chronic incoherence and its incurred cost in popular support). Mr. Deeds is not … Continue reading

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Deeds on the Public Option

Kinda sorta maybe might kinda sorta be against it but for it. Don’t worry — no one else knows what his position is either.  And way to go to AP reporter Bob Lewis for pressing the question.

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Shannon Attacks Cuccinelli on Confession?!

I’ve long railed against the anti-Catholicism that runs ever so close to the surface in Virginia politics.  Sometimes it bubbles up, and in Steve Shannon’s failing campaign to be the next Attorney General of Virginia, it just came to the … Continue reading


TNR: “Is America a Good Country?”

The question comes from the pages of The New Republic no less, and from writer Marty Peretz after President Obama refused to meet with the Dalai Lama.  This op-ed targets Obama for his failure to address Afghanistan, even as he was … Continue reading

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CUA president to step down in 2010

Fr. O’Connell literally resurrected a school in decline, and it will be sad to see him go. The prestige of the university has certainly risen under Fr. O’Connell’s tenure, and though the Brookland area has a ways to go before … Continue reading

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