The Vice Guide to Liberia

Do not watch this if you are squeamish.

Liberia is a nation suffering from a 20-year civil war that stands on the brink of re-emergence at any given time. It is also the 4th poorest country in the world, and one a very direct history with the United States.

If Liberia had oil…

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5 Responses to The Vice Guide to Liberia

  1. Lee Talley says:

    The first president of Liberia was from Petersburg, my hometown.

  2. A.G.Gilmore says:


    I saw this a few weeks ago. Not sure how I came across it, but it’s a pretty horrifying scene over there. Learned something in that Monrovia is named for President James Monroe. Do you take General Butt Naked’s transformation as legitimate, or a ploy to not be tried for war crimes?


  3. Shaun Kenney says:

    I think it’s legitimate… of course, you want to assume that it is a legitimate conversion. Not sure the “spin” on the very last segment was really fair to him. Probably more of a commentary on their bias against American televangelists as frauds than any real commentary on General Butt Naked.

    Still, the absolute poverty of Liberia is stunning given it’s connections to the United States. General Bin Laden’s commentary about being a former NCO, deployed to Iraq (the first time), the position of the warlords vis a vis the government and UNMIL… shows how delicate public order really is, and how quickly it can degenerate.

    Again, if Liberia had oil…

  4. CEJudd says:

    When Jimmy Carter was President, Liberia hired his brother Billy to lobby…causing a clammer in the WH. When Billy was cornered by a reporter asking why he signed on with the Liberians, he responded (in true Billy fashion): “well, they’s more Liberians than they is Jews…” Didn’t keep the contract long… However, until Billy’s involvement, few even knew Liberia existed. Nothing to do with what’s going on there now…

  5. Todd says:

    Looks like Detroit

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