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How Many Books Are There in the World?

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SWAC Girl: Notice of Intent forms due August 15

Lynn Mitchell has just about the best one-post resource in Virginia for filing your Notice of Intent forms for home schoolers.

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Official: Norfolk can’t freeze commissioner’s hiring

Gee, ya think?! Of course, this doesn’t remove some of the questions of McDonald’s lobbying activities in Richmond, but by and large… ’tis the law.  The time for Newport News City Council to fix this problem is during the budget … Continue reading

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Clark and Perriello share the same position on abortion?

Third party (and so-called Tea Party challenger) Jeff Clark’s position on abortion is slightly to the left of Tom Perriello: Clark, the independent candidate who said he has received flack from some Republican supporters over his decision to enter the … Continue reading


These are the rules, but…

Want a quick insight as to how bad the VRS really is? Multiply this experience by however many six-figure public servants you have in Virginia — local and state — and it’s a good picture of what’s to come. The … Continue reading

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CNA: Colombian authorities sign accord to grant absolute protection to human life

Now wouldn’t it be cool to have a group of American — or even Virginian — politicians and public figures sign something similar? During the 10th Meeting of Colombian Governors, 30 governors, Mayor Samuel Moreno of Bogota and other top … Continue reading

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Virginia Virtucon: WashPo Sells Newsweak For $1

Because you know this joke had to be made:

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WaPo: Free dental care draws thousands to outdoor clinic in rural Virginia


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Your “Duh” Moment of the Day

Oh noes! Geithner says unemployment is going to go up in the short term?!?!  Well of course it is: “When they see a little hope that there may be jobs out there, they start to come back in again. And … Continue reading

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Mongolian Rednecks?

Holidays in Mongolia aren’t much different than any given holiday in Central Virginia.  We all go out, go hunting, have about a quart of arkhi to get drunk stay warm, and find some local varmint to shoot: The first thing you’ll … Continue reading

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