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Liberals Crying Over the Individual Mandate

celexa from canada belle zoraide essay cialis to buy in australia lipitor hinta go to link counterfeit viagra halogram cheap drug web site dissertation structure literature based example thesis topic source url medicare pay for cialis sample thesis about poverty kohlberg + huckleberry finn + essay cialis avant ou apres manger es perjudicial tomar levitra follow prince trust business plan go to site common thesis words go site asics gel 740xtr womens reviews on cialis how toi write a conclusion paragraph for a literary analysis essay diflucan and dose top selling herbal viagra “But what about the Second Militia Act of 1792?!?!” they scream. Huh? The Second Militia Act of 1792 required every able bodied man 18 thru 45 to provide their own firearm, among other items. One small problem: Article 1, Section … Continue reading

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The “Open Web” and the Importance of RSS Feeds

Dave Winer over at reminds us of the shortfalls of silos: If I put stuff in Twitter, the only way to get it out is through a heavily regulated and always-changing API. It will change a lot in the … Continue reading

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$18 a Day For Open Government Awesomeness

$18 a day is all it takes for Virginians to get the highlight reel of what’s going on with their state government. You can help by pitching in a mere $18 to Richmond Sunlight to help buy the DVDs so … Continue reading

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“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible…

…make violent revolution inevitable.” — JFK I am completely undecided as to whether or not this truly is a democratic revolution, or a revolution on par with what created the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Nonetheless — as I was discussing … Continue reading


Janet Howell Wants To Know Why the General Assembly Can’t Give to Non-Profits

Cuccinelli: “Because I said so.” I mean, that works for other arguments, right?


AG Cuccinelli: State Grants to Non-Profits Unconstitutional

More from the WaPo Virginia Politics blog here.

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Challenger As It Happened — 25 Years Ago Today

When we watched it, we moved right back to work.  No guidance counselors, no hysterics.  It was a normal school day. That evening, President Ronald Reagan spoke to the nation. …and that was that.  Reagan knew how to speak to … Continue reading

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NLS slaps Colgan in the FACE to Protect Howell???

Just hours after Senator Chuck Colgan, the most senior member of the State Senate and longtime Democrat condemns the actions of refusing to hear bills shot down in subcommittee, Ben Tribbett over at Not Larry Sabato rushes to Janet Howell’s … Continue reading

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VA Gentleman: Senator Martin on Senator Howell’s Abuse of Power

It all started with this: Now State Senator Steve Martin is throwing down the gauntlet, as David Shephard graciously allowed the senator to express his feelings on the matter: The Privilege & Elections chair chose not to place these 6-7 … Continue reading


On Deficit Spending, We Want Our Cake…

Want the budget problem in a nutshell?  Americans want less spending, so where would you cut? Bruce Drake over at Politics Daily makes the point in an oh-so-delicate fashion about which politicians would dread to speak openly: A majority opposed … Continue reading

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