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Cantor: “Entitlements Need To Be On The Table”

how to write a cover letter for a nurse manager position amitav ghosh essays go cambridge university essay competition lasix 40mg ivp bid and dc foley generic cialis 40 mg spm essay about social issues thesis statement examples happiness follow url source site go to link how to write dissertation in a day custom dissertation writing service buy a college essay online pharmacy uk viagra american literature research project cialis online orders zigzag proofreading abortion thesis viagra and alcohol consumption help with finance article review research essays for sale good resume topics buy human resource management business plan best way get cialis viagra wilton long before do you take cialis new certified nursing assistant cover letter Damn skippy. It’s either reform or bankruptcy.  I have never fully understood why so many conservatives in the 7th District (people I count as friends) have so much animosity towards Cantor.  Perhaps one day someone will explain it all to … Continue reading

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President Obama gets high marks for holding the line on domestic discretionary spending (note that Congress on both sides withheld their applause) and mentioning South Korea over… and over.. and over again. He failed on virtually EVERY STINKIN’ OTHER POINT. … Continue reading


China in 2010 is Germany in 1910?

Fascinating thought: Kaiser Wilhelm’s court allegedly made up its mind after the Social Democrats (then Marxists) won a Reichstag majority in 1912, seeing war as a way to contain radical dissent. This assessment was tragically correct. War split the Social … Continue reading

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The Conservative Wahoo

Look what I found! You sometimes wonder how many of these websites are floating around, completely unknown to the rest of us. This crew is certainly conservative, with a radio show, and going strong for four years. Reminds me of … Continue reading

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Should You Donate to Children’s Wish Foundation? (I Didn’t — Here’s Why)

My wife gets a phone call this afternoon. The script runs about how this lady had a terrible time getting into work this AM in Indiana, but she got there OK — but thousands of kids died that morning who … Continue reading


Burke vs. Aquinas

It all started with this dumb comment from Eric Fuller, one of the victims of the shooter in Tuscon, given to Democracy NOW and picked up by Politico: “Their [Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and John Boehner] wish for Second Amendment … Continue reading

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So How Is The Fluvanna Housing Market?

On Friday morning, I came out of a briefing with several members of Fluvanna County staff and members of the school system.  The details of these numbers will be made more public at a Board of Supervisors presentation in February, … Continue reading


VCC Working With Lawmakers to Change Statute of Limitations

Good article from the Daily Progress concerning the very delicate issue of determining a statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases concerning pedophile or pederast priests Caruso said Catholic Church leaders in Virginia don’t plan to point to a specific … Continue reading

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The bill to legalize your weekly poker game at home? Died this week. Much like treating poker halls like bingo halls, I have never quite understood the hostility towards gaming in Virginia. This isn’t to say I’m the whole hog … Continue reading

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Is the Confederate Flag Finally Disappearing from Virginia’s Identity?

Once can only hope so. The WaPo muses on its decline from the forefront of politics in Virginia, while sidestepping the controversy over Lee-Jackson Day: McDonnell famously proclaimed last April “Confederate History Month” without a mention of slavery and then … Continue reading